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CDA Approves Rs 2.84 Billion for Extensive Cycling Track Project

Cycling Track Project

The Capital Development Authority Development Working Party (CDADWP) has granted approval for the Rs2.84 billion PC-1 dedicated to the development of an extensive cycling track project in Islamabad. The pivotal decision was made during a meeting presided over by CDA Chairman Captain (retd) Anwarul Haq, signifying a notable stride toward fostering eco-friendly transportation options and enriching recreational amenities within the city.

Cycling Track Project

Cycling Track Project

The envisioned cycling track is an ambitious project, spanning an impressive 374 kilometers and weaving through the diverse sectors of Islamabad. The development is slated to occur in three distinct phases over the course of the next three years, ensuring a systematic and phased implementation of this substantial cycling infrastructure.

Crucially, the cycling track is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing public transportation systems. Specifically, it will be linked with the metro bus service and the upcoming 13 routes of federal buses scheduled to commence operations in the coming month. This strategic integration aims to create a comprehensive and interconnected transportation network for the convenience of the city’s residents.

To facilitate and encourage cycling, the project includes the establishment of 350 parking stations strategically positioned along the cycling track. These parking stations will not only provide secure storage for bicycles but also contribute to the overall accessibility and user-friendliness of the cycling infrastructure.

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In a unique operational model, the development of the cycling track’s infrastructure falls under the purview of the Capital Development Authority, while a private operator will manage the provision of electric cycles. This collaborative approach combines public sector oversight with private sector innovation, aiming to introduce sustainable and modern transportation solutions to the city.

Furthermore, drawing inspiration from successful cycling infrastructure models in countries such as the Netherlands and the UK, the width of the track will range from six to ten feet. This design choice ensures ample space for cyclists and incorporates protective measures, including the installation of signals, to enhance the safety and overall experience of cyclists utilizing the track. The project underscores Islamabad’s commitment to sustainable urban development and creating a vibrant and accessible city for its residents.