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Islamabad Police Launch Massive Crackdown on Professional Beggars

Crackdown on Professional Beggars

The Islamabad Capital Police have taken proactive steps to combat the issue of professional beggars and their handlers within the city. This comprehensive crackdown on professional beggars, aimed at curbing this menace, is a significant move to ensure the safety and security of the community.

Crackdown on Professional Beggars

Initiating the Crackdown on Professional Beggars

In response to the increasing presence of professional beggars and their handlers, the Islamabad Capital City Police Officer (ICCPO), Dr Akbar Nasir Khan, has issued orders to all zonal District Police Officers (DPOs). These directives mandate swift and thorough action against professional beggars and their handlers within their respective areas, including registering legal cases against them.

The crackdown on professional beggars goes beyond targeting beggars and handlers themselves. It also holds accountable the parents who send their children to participate in such activities. According to the law, these parents will face legal consequences for their involvement. The concern is that criminals often operate under the disguise of beggars and engage in various criminal activities, making it a pressing issue for law enforcement.

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The Crackdown on Professional Beggars Results

As the crackdown on professional beggars gains momentum, the Islamabad Capital Police, with the assistance of various police station teams, have made significant progress. In the past week, they arrested 40 professional beggars and registered cases against them under the Beggar Act. This action demonstrates the authorities’ commitment to addressing the problem head-on and maintaining law and order within the city.

Citizens also have a crucial role to play in addressing this issue. They are urged to discourage professional beggars and redirect their charitable efforts to those in need. Additionally, residents are requested to make the city safer by reporting suspicious activities through the Pucar-15 helpline.

A Collective Effort to Curb the Menace

This comprehensive crackdown on professional beggars is a testament to the commitment of the Islamabad Capital Police to maintaining a secure environment for all residents. By actively addressing the issue of professional begging and related criminal activities, the authorities are taking a significant step towards achieving this goal.

Final Words

The success of this campaign relies on the collective efforts of law enforcement and the community. The city can work together to curb this menace through unity and cooperation, ensuring a safer and more peaceful environment.