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RDA Launches Crackdown on 367 Illegal Housing Societies

Crackdown on 367 Illegal Housing Societies

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has announced a targeted crackdown on 367 illegal housing societies, effective from Thursday. This initiative comes in response to a surge in public complaints regarding unauthorized housing ventures. 

Crackdown on 367 Illegal Housing Societies

Crackdown on 367 Illegal Housing Societies

The RDA, in conjunction with the district administration and law enforcement agencies, will spearhead a joint operation aimed at curbing the proliferation of these unapproved housing schemes. With only 69 of the numerous housing projects having obtained legal approval, the RDA’s move is deemed necessary to address the rampant proliferation of illegal ventures in the region. A comprehensive awareness campaign has been launched to caution the public against investing in these unauthorized schemes. 

Moreover, the RDA has extended its support to individuals seeking clarification on the legal status of housing schemes. Both physical visits to RDA offices and online inquiries are being facilitated to provide guidance and assistance.

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The RDA is particularly concerned about the unauthorized conversion of designated public spaces within approved housing schemes. To address this issue, the authority pledges to ensure strict adherence to the original layout plans.

In response to public demand for enhanced transparency, the RDA is considering the introduction of QR codes for housing scheme layout plans. This measure aims to empower potential investors with verified information and enhance confidence in their investment decisions.

Lists of legal and illegal housing schemes, along with their respective layout plans, have been made accessible on the RDA’s official website. Efforts are also underway to address encroachments along the Soan River to mitigate flood risks, particularly during the upcoming monsoon season.

Collaboration with the land revenue department has been initiated to verify land allocations for public amenities within housing schemes. This collaborative effort seeks to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and protect the interests of investors and the general public alike.