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Islamabad Police Crack Down on Unauthorized Residency

Crack Down on Unauthorized Residency

Islamabad Capital Police have initiated a robust campaign targeting foreign nationals residing unlawfully in the federal capital, resulting in the apprehension of 13 individuals found to be living without proper authorization.

Crack Down on Unauthorized Residency

Crack Down on Unauthorized Residency

A police spokesperson confirmed that a joint team from Islamabad Capital Police’s Bani Gala, Sabzi Mandi, and Shams Colony Police Stations successfully carried out the operation, leading to the detention of 13 foreign nationals. These individuals, lacking proper authorization for residency, are currently undergoing the deportation process.

The arrested foreign nationals will be repatriated to their respective countries, emphasizing the commitment of Islamabad Capital Police to uphold national laws and regulations governing foreign residency.

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Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, Islamabad Capital City Police Officer (ICCPO), stressed the importance of discouraging unauthorized residency by foreign nationals within the jurisdiction of the federal capital. He asserted that the presence of illegal foreign nationals in Pakistan is only acceptable when in accordance with national laws.

Dr. Khan further highlighted the active pursuit of legal actions against individuals facilitating the illegal residency or employment of foreign nationals. The crackdown aims to maintain the integrity of the legal framework governing foreign residents in the country.

“Citizens are urged to uphold Pakistani laws and play their part in maintaining security by reporting any suspicious individuals or activities related to undocumented foreign nationals through the ‘Pucar-15’ helpline,” Dr. Khan added.

Final Thoughts

This campaign underscores the Islamabad Capital Police‘s commitment to ensuring the safety and security of the federal capital, taking decisive actions to address issues related to unauthorized residency and maintain the rule of law.