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CDA Chairman Urges Accelerated Completion of Signal-Free Corridor Underpasses

Corridor Underpasses

Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi, in a high-level meeting on Tuesday with Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Mohammad Ali Randhawa and NESPAK officials, emphasized the urgent need to expedite the completion of two key corridor underpasses to establish a signal-free corridor in Islamabad.

Corridor Underpasses

The plan includes constructing one underpass at Serena Chowk and another on Srinagar Highway, aimed at enhancing traffic flow and convenience for Islamabad’s citizens. Minister Naqvi instructed that the underpasses be built to full height and tasked Chairman Randhawa and the Chief Commissioner of Islamabad with overseeing the project to ensure timely completion.

NESPAK officials presented the initial design of the underpasses during the meeting. Minister Naqvi urged them to complete the project in the shortest possible time.

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In related developments, Chairman CDA Mohammad Ali Randhawa directed that the Park Road development project be completed by June 15 without fail. During a site visit, Randhawa stressed the importance of safety measures and the installation of clear signboards and lights. He expressed dissatisfaction with the current pace of work and mandated that construction be carried out 24/7, urging the National Logistics Corporation (NLC) to ensure continuous labor and machinery presence at the site.

In another meeting concerning the Islamabad Bus Service, Chairman Randhawa instructed the Member Engineering to provide a definitive timeline for the construction of bus depots. He emphasized that these depots and their charging points must be fully operational within the given timeline. Plans to offer subsidies to deserving individuals, including students and senior citizens, were also discussed, aiming to make the bus service more accessible to all segments of the population.