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U-Turn Near Chaklala Cantonment Board Raises Concerns Over Traffic Disruptions

Concerns Over Traffic Disruptions

A recently introduced U-turn in front of the Chaklala Cantonment Board office on Murree Road, near Murree Chowk, initially intended for the convenience of board officers, has swiftly become a major source of inconvenience and concern for motorists and pedestrians in the area.

This U-turn, constructed to facilitate Chaklala Cantonment Board officers in their daily commute, has not only raised questions regarding its impact on traffic flow but also stirred controversy over the removal of valuable trees that once adorned the green belt along Murree Road.

Since its introduction, the U-turn has contributed to persistent traffic congestion along Murree Road, a location already grappling with traffic-related issues. This bottleneck has become an ongoing source of frustration for local residents, as it disrupts the flow of traffic throughout the day.

U-Turn’s Concerns Over Traffic Disruptions

Concerns Over Traffic Disruptions

Prior to the U-turn’s construction, Chaklala Cantonment Board officers used to travel from Saddar to the St. John’s School turn to reach their office. The U-turn was designed to offer them a more direct route to their workplace. However, the convenience for board officers has come at the cost of valuable greenery and the flow of traffic.

The removal of numerous trees and plants from the green belt along Murree Road has not only led to traffic congestion between Murree Chowk and Saddar but has also created hardships for the general public. In particular, ambulances en route to various hospitals in the city are facing significant delays due to traffic jams in the area.

Local residents argue that the convenience of Chaklala Cantonment officers should not come at the expense of the general populace’s daily struggles. They have called for the removal of the U-turn to restore the smooth flow of traffic on Murree Road and alleviate the ongoing congestion.

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In response, the Chaklala Cantonment Board administration contends that the U-turn serves the interests of both officers and ordinary citizens, as it provides easy access to Saddar from this point. They emphasized that the original reason for constructing the U-turn was to address traffic issues at Fleshman Chowk. 

Moreover, they attributed the current traffic congestion to the speed bump installed after the U-turn’s construction and noted that ongoing construction work has resulted in the closure of half of the road. The administration believes that once the speed bump is completed and road construction work is finished, traffic is expected to flow smoothly without causing congestion.

Final Words

The controversy surrounding the U-turn near the Chaklala Cantonment Board office highlights the challenges of balancing the convenience of government officials with the needs and concerns of the general public. As local residents and authorities continue to engage in dialogue, the fate of this U-turn and its impact on traffic flow remain subjects of ongoing debate in Rawalpindi.