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CDA Launches Cleanliness Drive on Tourist Spots across Islamabad

Cleanliness Drive

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has initiated a robust cleanliness drive across various tourist spots in the federal capital, aiming to significantly enhance their appeal to visitors.

CDA Launches Cleanliness Drive

Cleanliness Drive

In a statement to the media, a CDA official highlighted the recent commencement of the campaign, emphasizing its goal to maintain a pristine environment for the growing number of tourists flocking to Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Sanitary workers from the CDA are actively engaged in the collection of plastic waste and discarded items, which have been marring the cleanliness of these tourist destinations. Addressing the prevalent issue of plastic pollution, the official underscored the importance of ensuring a plastic-free environment, particularly in green spaces where plastic bottles, wrappers, and shopping bags are frequently littered.

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The public is urged to responsibly dispose of waste in the dustbins installed throughout the capital’s parks, thereby contributing to a fresh and healthy environment conducive to tourism.

Furthermore, Mohammad Ali Randhawa, Chairman of the Capital Development Authority, commended the vital role of the business community in the city’s development. He assured their involvement in decision-making processes, underscoring the significance of collaboration for sustainable progress.

Randhawa expressed optimism in overcoming developmental challenges through the adoption of best practices and a practical approach. He pledged to personally engage with the business community, visiting markets and holding meetings with traders’ leaders to address their concerns promptly.