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CDA Organizes Christmas Show at Shakarparian

Christmas Show

In a heartwarming gesture of inclusivity and festivity, the administration of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) orchestrated vibrant Christmas celebrations for Christian employees and residents of the city. The Christmas show, a cherished annual tradition, unfolded at the Open Air Theatre Shakirparian, Islamabad.

Christmas Show at Shakarparian

Christmas Show

Christian employees of the CDA, accompanied by their families, gathered at the venue to partake in the festive spirit. The celebrations featured special entertainment programs tailored for children, enhancing the joyous atmosphere. The initiative aimed to foster a sense of community, allowing everyone to participate in the happiness of the holiday season.

To further express solidarity and encouragement, the CDA administration had previously approved a Christmas allowance and advance salary for all Christian employees within the institution. Non-gazetted employees received their full basic salary, while gazetted employees were granted half of their basic salary as a bonus payment. Regular and daily wage employees also received allowances in accordance with the established pay scales.

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The decision to provide financial support was met with appreciation from the Christian community, who expressed gratitude for the CDA’s commitment to ensuring that employees could celebrate their religious festival amidst the challenges of the current economic climate.

Amidst the backdrop of inflation, the additional support from the CDA is seen as a significant boost to the happiness of Christian employees, enabling them to partake in Christmas festivities with greater joy and comfort. The administration’s proactive approach towards fostering a sense of belonging and celebrating diversity serves as a commendable example of inclusive workplace practices.