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CDA Progresses Towards BuP Award for Chauntra Village

Chauntra Village

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) in collaboration with the ICT Revenue Directorate has completed a ground survey pertaining to the residential status of Chauntra village. This village was allocated to the Ministry of Defence by the civic agency in 2004, but the built-up property (BuP) is yet to be removed, leading to a complex situation.

BuP Award for Chauntra Village

Chauntra Village

Situated adjacent to Sectors D-10 and E-10, where army installations are set to be constructed, Chauntra village has been under scrutiny due to delayed BuP awards. Sources within the CDA indicate that the ground survey has been successfully concluded, and the BuP award is expected to be announced in January.

A member of the survey team disclosed that a total of 3603 Havelis, comprising 11,879 rooms, 2455 verandas, 2,885 kitchens, 4514 washrooms, and 511 cattle pens, were reported during the survey. Legitimate cases are expected to be added to the BuP list.

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The village, acquired by the CDA in the 60s and allocated to the Defence Ministry in 2004, has witnessed continuous construction on the acquired land due to the delayed announcement of the BuP award. Presently, the village is home to thousands of residents, with at least 5,000 houses. Notably, apart from natives, outsiders have also settled in the area.

CDA officials have reported that individuals affected by land acquisition in other sectors, including D-10, E-10, and E-11, have relocated to Chauntra over the years. A recent CDA operation in the area faced strong resistance from locals, highlighting the contentious nature of the situation.

According to CDA statements, the land award for Mera Beri (Chauntra) was announced in 1969, with rehabilitation benefits and compensations disbursed to affected persons. However, delays in the BuP award have allowed further construction on the land.

The CDA asserted that as per the 1985 Suparco map, there were initially 30 houses, which increased to 342 by 2004 when the land was handed over to the Defence Ministry. Presently, only 15 to 20 families are recognized as locals and genuine affected persons, while the remaining 80% are non-locals or individuals who have acquired CDA-acquired land through stamp papers or are residing in houses built by locals on rent.

Sources indicate that both the Ministry of Defence and the CDA acknowledge that the delay in the BuP award will encourage additional construction. Numerous meetings have been held in the last three months to address the land issue, and a steering committee has been formed under the supervision of the Minister for Defence to navigate the complexities surrounding Chauntra village.