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CDA Zone 4 Islamabad: All You Need to Know

CDA Zone 4 Islamabad

Islamabad, the most beautiful and well-planned capital, has been divided into different zones and sectors. Mainly, it comprises four zones, Zone I, Zone II, Zone III, and Zone IV. These zones are home to commercial and residential hubs, offering immense business opportunities. Among all, CDA Zone 4 Islamabad stands out as the best zone in terms of investment. This article explores everything related to CDA Zone 4 Islamabad, its details, sub-zones, and potential.

What is CDA Zone 4 Islamabad?

CDA Zone 4 Islamabad

Zone 4 comprises an area of  69,814.35 acres or 282.5287 km2. It further comprises Islamabad Park, and the rural periphery wedged between Murree Road towards the north and Lehtrar Road towards the south, extending beyond Simly Road to the ICT limits in the northeast. This zone excludes the part of Margalla Hills National Park around Rawal Lake. 

In compliance with the Supreme Court Order in SMC 10 of 2007, CDA amended the ICT Zoning Regulations 1992 in 2010, in which the Zone-4 of Islamabad was further subdivided into 4 Zones. 

The Zone has been divided into four sub-zones, as detailed below:

Sub Zone-A (12,188 Acres)

This subzone is bounded in the north by Zone-3 limits and by southern the boundary of sub-zone B-2, in the North-West by Murree Road, in the West by Sub-zone B-1 (acquired area limit) in the South and East by sub-zone C and Lehtrar Road.

Sub Zone-B (12,941 Acres)

This sub-zone comprises two parts, namely, B-1 (6805 Acres) and B-2 (6136 Acres). 

  • B-1: This area is bounded to the West by Islamabad Expressway, in the South by inter-zone boundary of Zone-4 & Zone-5, in the East by sub-zones A & C and include a 500-meter area astride Lehtrar Road up to the PINSTECH limits.
  • B-2: The area is bounded in the north by Murree Road, in the West by Zone-3 limits, in the south by sub-zones A, C & D and in the east by sub-zone D.

Sub Zone-C (21,279 Acres)

This sub-zone is bounded in the north by southern limits of sub-zones B2 and A, in the east by sub-zone ‘D’, in the south by the inter-zone boundary of Zone-4 & Zone-5 and in the west by sub-zone B-1.

Sub Zone-D (23,618 Acres)

This sub-zone is bounded in the north by the sub-zone B-2, in the east and south by ICT limits and in the west by sub-zone C.

Permissible Land Uses In Zone-4

No industry, livestock and poultry farming schemes shall be allowed in Zone-4. The sub-zones’ permissible land uses are given as under:

Subzone A

CDA states Subzone A will be used for agro-farming/orchard schemes of 8 Kanals, sports & recreation, green belt projects, and public sector housing schemes. All buildings will be constructed per the Islamabad Building Regulations, 2005. 

Subzone B

Subzone B will be used for planning and developing small-scale residential and commercial buildings and will be regulated by the CDA. The area for residential schemes will be 50 acres.

Subzone C

This subzone will be used for agro-farming. The minimum size of agro-farms must be 4 Kanals. It also includes public sector housing schemes.

Subzone D

Subzone D comprises natural forests that must be maintained and the remaining area for agro-farming. The minimum area of an agro-farm must be 200 acres.

Features of CDA Zone 4 Islamabad

Let’s explore the key features of CDA Zone 4 Islamabad in detail:

Financial Hub

Zone 4 is the financial hub of the capital as it generates a huge revenue due to the development of state-of-the-art societies and commercial buildings.

Sustainable Development

CDA aims to develop vertical buildings in Zone 4 to create a sustainable environment. Also, the residential societies here are constructed per CDA rules.

Beautiful Sceneries

Zone 4 is the most beautiful zone of Islamabad as it features lush green views of the Margalla Hills and breathtaking views of the city’s skyline.

Some notable housing societies in the CDA Zone 4 Islamabad are Park View City, Bahria Enclave Islamabad, and Oasis Farms Islamabad.

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Update on CDA Zone 4 Islamabad

The Islamabad Master Plan Review Commission will review the sub-zone D of Zone 4 on 14th December and will allow Zone 4 to feature the vertical developments in the city.

The commission has also decided to build the bylaws for Islamabad’s Zone 4-D for promoting vertical developments and protecting green spaces. The subzone will cover almost 23,618 acres. Moreover, the area is reserved for agro-farming, entertainment zones, sports, recreation, etc. The commission will also suggest a plan for decreasing the housing footprint from 55 feet to 20-25% in CDA Zone 4 Islamabad.

The commission will also give proposals for implementing and enforcing the building-by-laws to regulate the illegal constructions and housing schemes in the suburbs of Islamabad. CDA also informed to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that Margalla Road was also included in the Islamabad Master Plan. Six residential sectors are dependent on this Road. Moreover, it will provide an alternative route for new and soon-to-be-developed societies.

The project will cost almost Rs. 3.29 billion out of that, 3% will be the environment budget.

Comparison of Islamabad Zones

The four zones of Islamabad feature different area markings.

Zones Area (Acres)Area (Km2)

Moreover, Zone I and II are commercial zones, being the economic hub of Islamabad. CDA plans to develop a Business District in Zone II as a rival to the Blue Area. Zone III comprises the Margalla Hills in the North. CDA has made laws to protect nature and greenery in this area. No buildings can be built here. Zone V is the least developed zone, featuring few residential societies.

The Bottom Line

CDA Zone 4 Islamabad is currently the best zone in Islamabad due to its immense business and commercial opportunities. The zone features sustainable buildings, latest infrastructure, and potential investment opportunities. If you aim to invest in Islamabad, invest in Zone 4.


What are the five zones of Islamabad?

Islamabad city is divided into five major zones: Zone I, Zone II, Zone III, Zone IV, and Zone V.

What is Zone 3 in Islamabad?

Zone III consists of Margalla Hills, Margalla Hills National Park, and Rawal Lake as specified under section 21 of the Islamabad Wild Life Ordinance 1979.

What are the areas of Islamabad?

Islamabad is divided into eight basic zones: Administrative, diplomatic enclave, residential areas, educational sectors, industrial sectors, commercial areas, rural and green areas.

What is the total area of CDA Zone 4 Islamabad?

The total area of CDA Zone 4 Islamabad is 69,814.35 acres.

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