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CDA to Initiate Working on Islamabad’s Biggest  Miyawaki Forest 

CDA to initiate working of Islamabad's Biggest Miyawaki Forest

On (Oct 4, 2022), the CDA Chairman (retd) Muhammad Usman Younis and MD Mari Petroleum inaugurated the biggest Miyawaki Forest of Islamabad covering a land area of 17 Acres. The project was taken into consideration after knowing the importance of environmental balance between real estate construction and plantation to optimize the environmental stability not only in the capital but also in the whole of Pakistan. 

This 17-acre-wide project includes 20,000 large saplings of different species which will grow and spread at a drastic speed and will eventually contribute to decreasing environmental pollution in Pakistan, more plantations will be done to make the rapid growth and fast response to the environment of the capital city. Plus a protective fence is installed to protect the saplings planted in the forest.

The chairman of CDA specially thanked Mari Petroleum Company for participating with full dedication to this huge project. The project is initiated after seeing the real estate constructions and land leveling due to the housing societies and buildings. All the plants in the project will add more beauty to the city’s view and will make it more eco-friendly for tourists and locals. The number of saplings planted is few to compensate for the environmental pollution, but the CDA administration is making further arrangements to gather and plant more plantations.

He also emphasized that it is the biggest Miyawaki forest in Islamabad and all the special arrangements will be made to make sure the projects get completed on the expected date and more plants are planted with all the safety measures. 

CDA to initiate working on Islamabad’s biggest  Miyawaki Forest 
CDA to initiate working on Islamabad’s biggest Miyawaki Forest 

Why was this Initiative Necessary? Is Real Estate a threat to Pakistan’s Environment?

Setting up the Miyawaki forest is as important as constructing housing societies and other real estate projects. In short, we can say that real estate has become a threat to the environment of Pakistan and to the whole world. We see that the developers and realtors are converting the land into plots, leveling land, carpeting the roads, concreting the fertilized land, cutting down the trees, and doing deforestation to expand the real estate industry and bring new construction ideas to life by killing mother nature. Little do they know that their real estate career success caused much distress in the environmental balance of the earth. The contaminated water passing through pipes not only destroys the canals and rivers but also ruins the land due to leakage and dripping.

The construction rate in Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Multan, and many more cities, has made the forests disappear within a few years, the developers are in the greed of low-density and congested neighborhoods to earn massive amounts, but they never try to follow the guidelines to prevent environmental pollution. They show that enough plantation has been made, but that’s just an illusion to gather clients and satisfy the authorities and social workers. 

All these activities are contributing to severe global changes like an increase in LST (Land Surface Temperature), climate change, flooding, drought, and less agricultural production. The above-mentioned problems are affecting Pakistan’s economy on a large scale. The weather conditions and increased LST have decreased electricity production. Continuous floods have destroyed more than half of the land of Pakistan, taken many lives and made millions of people homeless. Many more uncountable disasters have passed and are on their way to warn us.

Things we can do to avoid future calamities are to do more plantations in suburban areas, leave the forests in their original shape and move to sustainable architecture. The plantation of more Miyawaki forests can contribute much to restoring the environment to its original form and bringing nature back to our lives. 

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Why was this initiative necessary

Amanah.pk Contributing to Plant Miyawaki Plantation

Amanah.pk focuses on making innovative moves to keep the balance between promoting real estate and restoring nature. That is why we are contributing to Miyawaki plantation with full dedication and advice to all our clients to plant as much as they can.

Our aim is not only to promote real estate and bring amazing investment opportunities to the clients, but also to promote the ideas to preserve nature by planting a tree for each investor.

We have taken a great initiative to bring more of nature to the surroundings. The management is planting a tree against each client we get. This means that we will plant a tree whenever we get a client to invest in any project of ours.

Amanah.pk contributing to plant Miyawaki Plantation

We consider all the crucial things happening around the country and the globe which made all the concerned authorities stand up and take steps. We already support the Miyawaki plantation and put our efforts to make the plants and trees thrive and benefit the environment. 

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