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CDA Seals 17 Buildings for Violating Building By-Laws

CDA Seals 17 Buildings

In a relentless effort to curb illegal encroachment and maintain adherence to building by-laws, CDA seals 17 buildings. The Building Control South and North Directorate, acting on the explicit instructions of the CDA chairman, conducted operations in various areas resulting in the sealing of these structures.

Reason on CDA Seals 17 Buildings

CDA Seals 17 Buildings

This two-day operation has seen a total of 28 buildings sealed for violations of building by-laws across different areas of the capital city. The Building Control Directorate, in collaboration with the Enforcement Directorate and with the support of the district administration and Islamabad Police, took stringent action against building constructions that flouted regulations in the Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society, Sector B-17.

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Buildings found under construction without the necessary approval from the relevant authorities have been sealed, and owners have been issued notices to address the violations. Notably, in a similar operation on Thursday, 10 buildings in Jeddah Town and one in Aghosh Housing Society, both under construction without proper permissions, were also sealed, with notices served to the owners.

The CDA administration emphasized the significance of implementing the Master Plan to enhance the aesthetics and structural integrity of the city of Islamabad. The crackdown on illegal constructions is a pivotal step in ensuring that all developments align with the established building by-laws and contribute to the overall urban planning goals.

As the operations against illegal encroachments continue, the CDA remains committed to maintaining the integrity of the city’s landscape and upholding the standards outlined in the Master Plan, underscoring the importance of strict enforcement to achieve these objectives.