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CDA Launches Plantation Drive Across Islamabad

CDA Launches Plantation Drive

In a concerted effort to enhance the natural beauty of the federal capital, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has initiated a city-wide plantation drive. To create a greener and more aesthetically pleasing Islamabad, this drive encompasses various activities, including the sampling plantation, across different sectors and regions of the city.

CDA Launches Plantation Drive for Enhanced Greenery 

CDA Launches Plantation Drive

The initiative, which began on October 15, 2023, is set to transform Islamabad into a lush and environmentally sustainable city. CDA officials have stated that this project is a part of the authority’s comprehensive strategy to beautify the city and mitigate the effects of climate change through increased green cover.

“Greenery not only enhances the visual appeal of a city but also contributes to cleaner air, improved biodiversity, and a healthier environment,” said Ali Ahmed, Chairman of the Capital Development Authority. “This project aligns with our commitment to creating a sustainable and vibrant Islamabad.”

The plantation drive includes various plant species carefully selected to thrive in Islamabad’s climate. Residents and CDA officials have actively participated in these efforts by planting saplings, trees, and shrubs in designated areas. Notable regions where the plantation drive is underway include the F-6, G-5, E-11, and D-12 sectors. The goal is to transform these sectors into greener, more ecologically sound spaces.

Moreover, the CDA has also contacted educational institutions, community groups, and environmental organisations to engage in planting activities. Students and volunteers have shown remarkable enthusiasm in supporting the plantation campaign.

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Goals of the Plantation Drive

CDA Launches Plantation Drive

The CDA is taking a comprehensive approach to ensure the survival and growth of these newly planted saplings. They have deployed teams of horticulturists and arborists who will be responsible for the maintenance and care of the trees. Regular watering, protection from pests, and periodic trimming will be undertaken to ensure the healthy growth of the new green additions.

Launching this plantation drive is not just about increasing green cover; it also seeks to create a sense of civic responsibility and environmental consciousness among the residents of Islamabad. The CDA hopes to foster a deeper connection between the people and the environment by encouraging community participation and engaging citizens in these activities.

Final Words

The project is expected to continue throughout the upcoming months, with the CDA planning various events and workshops to educate the public about the importance of preserving and enhancing the city’s natural beauty.

As Islamabad’s landscape transforms with each sapling planted, it is evident that this initiative will have far-reaching benefits for the city, improving air quality, supporting biodiversity, and creating a more vibrant and eco-friendly capital.

The CDA’s plantation drive is indeed a commendable step toward a greener and healthier Islamabad, and it signifies the collective commitment to a more sustainable and beautiful future for the nation’s capital.