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CDA Launches Inquiry Committee to Probe Alleged Irregularities in Plot Balloting

CDA Launches Inquiry Committee

To address concerns over alleged irregularities in the balloting of plots conducted in August, CDA launches inquiry committee. The committee, now led by Grade 19 officer Rana Tahir Hussain, will investigate the allegations surrounding the allotment process.

According to a notification issued on November 10, the inquiry committee comprises two additional members, Deputy Director Planning Touqeer Nawaz and Deputy Director Land Nazir Ahmed. Together, they are tasked with conducting a detailed physical inspection and gathering background details and facts related to the case.

Mandate of the Committee

CDA Launches Inquiry Committee

The committee has been assigned the responsibility of determining the quantum of land owned by affected individuals in different mouzas included in the August 9, 2023 balloting. This includes a scrutiny of the eligibility of individuals, such as Nawazish Ali and others, for plot allotment based on applicable rules.

A crucial aspect of the inquiry involves scrutinizing whether all codal formalities, including the verification of RL2, departure memo, and the claims of affectees, were properly fulfilled before the balloting process commenced.

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The committee is mandated to identify any irregularities or illegalities committed by officers or officials of the land and rehabilitation directorate, as well as the office of the deputy commissioner at CDA, in the allotment of plots through balloting.

The notification specifies that the committee will also investigate and identify the roles played by various officers and officials in the land directorate, revenue directorate, DC CDA office, and others. This scrutiny aims to uncover any irregularities or illegalities associated with the allotment of plots.

30-Day Timeline for Completion of Probe

In a bid to ensure a swift and thorough investigation, the committee has been given a deadline of 30 days to complete its probe. This timeline emphasizes the CDA’s commitment to transparency and accountability in addressing the alleged irregularities.


The reconstitution of the inquiry committee reflects the CDA’s proactive approach in addressing concerns related to the August plot balloting. The committee’s findings are expected to shed light on the veracity of the allegations and contribute to maintaining the credibility of the CDA’s processes.