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CDA Cuts Down Mulberry Trees in Islamabad

CDA Cuts Down 7,000 Paper Mulberry Trees

Responding to rising health concerns linked to allergies caused by paper mulberry trees, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has launched a substantial initiative to control the population of this allergenic species in Islamabad.

CDA Cuts Down Mulberry Trees

CDA Cuts Down 7,000 Paper Mulberry Trees

In a decision to cut 7,000 paper mulberry trees, the CDA faces a spectrum of opinions, with both support and criticism emerging, especially as environmentalists voice their concerns on social media platforms.

CDA officials clarified that the move is a proactive measure to address health issues in the local community due to the prolific paper mulberry trees. Recognizing the environmental impact of tree removal, the CDA assured the public that the cut trees will be replaced with 36,000 indigenous plants, chosen to thrive in the local climate while minimizing allergic reactions.

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Environmental concerns gained momentum as activists and environmentalists took to social media to express their views on the large-scale tree cutting in F-9 Park. While some supported the CDA’s health-focused efforts, questions arose about the impact on the park’s ecosystem and the necessity for transparent communication.

In a statement to ProPakistani, a CDA official emphasized the importance of public participation in such initiatives, aiming to balance environmental conservation with community health. The CDA actively encourages public involvement in the decision-making process.

Simultaneously, the CDA issued a public notice about an open auction at the Environment Wing, CDA, located in F-9 Park. The weekly auction will focus on fallen, dead, dry, and standing trees, emphasizing the disposal and removal of paper mulberry and other invasive species. This step aligns with the CDA’s commitment to transparency and community involvement in its environmental initiatives.