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CDA Chairman Shifts Mechanical Sweeping Operations to Nighttime

CDA Chairman

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has announced a major shift in its approach to
maintaining cleanliness in Islamabad. In a strategic move to reduce daytime disruptions and
enhance city-wide cleanliness, CDA Chairman Chaudhry Muhammad Ali Randhawa has
directed that mechanical sweeping operations in the federal capital should be carried out at
night instead of the morning.

CDA Chairman Advise on Shifting Operations

CDA Chairman

During a meeting focused on cleanliness and beautification, Chairman Randhawa
emphasized that mechanical sweeping should be synchronized with road washing to ensure
the tasks are completed before the city awakens. This approach aims to create a cleaner
environment while minimizing disruptions to daily activities and traffic.
The CDA Environment Wing provided detailed briefings to the Chairman during the meeting,
outlining the new measures. Randhawa instructed that waste transported to dumping sites
by trucks must be adequately covered to prevent spillage and that all garbage trucks should
follow a clearly defined schedule. He also mandated the presence of sanitation workers in
the field and the implementation of biometric attendance for all sanitation staff to ensure
accountability and efficiency.

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Additionally, the Chairman directed the installation of trackers on all operational vehicles
within the Environment Wing and cameras in all public-dealing offices. These measures are
intended to enhance transparency and monitor compliance with cleanliness protocols.
To further beautify the city, Randhawa highlighted the importance of landscaping and
beautification initiatives on Islamabad’s roads, particularly inner roads. He suggested inviting
a team from Baku to compare and assess the cleanliness system in Islamabad. As part of
the beautification efforts, a massive tree plantation drive is also planned to improve the city’s
aesthetics and environment.
The Chairman commended the sanitation workers for their dedication and referred to them
as heroes, recognizing their crucial role in maintaining Islamabad’s cleanliness. He reiterated
his commitment to transforming the capital into a prominent tourist destination through these
enhanced measures.