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CDA Chairman Muhammad Ali Randhawa Addresses Public Grievances, Orders Swift Resolutions

CDA Chairman Muhammad Ali Randhawa

CDA Chairman Muhammad Ali Randhawa, actively engaged with citizens, attentively listening to their complaints and promptly directing resolutions. 

During the session, Randhawa highlighted the fundamental duty of public servants to address the issues faced by the people they serve. He underscored the importance of prioritizing and swiftly resolving the problems brought forward by citizens to build confidence and trust in the institution. Randhawa committed to personally engaging with individuals to ensure their concerns are heard and addressed promptly.

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Additionally, Randhawa ordered the implementation of safety protocols for the construction of Park Road. He stressed the need to avoid manual handling of files and warned officers of accountability for any file mishandling. Any officer found to have a file in the possession of a complainant will face consequences.

Randhawa’s actions and directives underscore his dedication to efficient governance and public service.