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CDA Announces Key Appointments in Land and Rehabilitation Wing

CDA Announces Key Appointments

CDA announces key appointments by making strategic changes, elevating the Director of Land and Rehabilitation to the position of Deputy Director General (DDG) Land and Rehabilitation.

Umber Gilani, a junior BPS-18 officer of the Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS), who had been serving as the Director of Land and Rehabilitation for the past few months, has been promoted to this higher role, despite already holding an appointment one grade above her scale.

CDA Announces Key Appointments 

CDA Announces Key Appointments

Simultaneously, another BPS-18 officer from PAS has been appointed as the new Director of Land and Rehabilitation. Anwarul Haq, who previously held the position of Assistant Director Estate Management (Residential), will take on the responsibilities of this crucial role.

In an interesting turn of events, Shahid Shoaib, a Sub Engineer of BPS-16, who had been working as acting Assistant Director (Technical) Sanitation, has now been attached to DDG Land and Rehabilitation.

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However, concerns have been raised about the potential impact of these postings and transfers on the working efficiency of the Land and Rehabilitation wing. Observers note that the CDA management’s approach appears to maintain the status quo, with no evident policy decisions or initiatives to address outstanding issues within the department.

A recurring issue highlighted is the frequent absence of officers from the Land and Rehabilitation wing in their offices, contributing to difficulties for visitors attempting to engage with the department. The apparent reluctance of officers to meet with visitors has become a routine concern, prompting calls for increased transparency and accessibility within the Land and Rehabilitation wing.

As these changes unfold, stakeholders await further developments and hope for initiatives that will enhance the effectiveness and responsiveness of the Land and Rehabilitation wing, ultimately contributing to the overall efficiency of the Capital Development Authority.