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Caretaker PM Anwaarul Haq Kakar Initiates Car City Project in Islamabad

Car City Project in Islamabad

Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar has directed relevant authorities to develop a comprehensive plan to establish a ‘Car City in Islamabad,’ aimed at facilitating the sale and purchase of vehicles.

Meeting on the Car City Project in Islamabad 

Car City Project in Islamabad

The prime minister issued these instructions while presiding over a meeting on matters concerning Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). During the meeting, various topics were discussed, including ICT’s administrative challenges, law and order, and anti-narcotics efforts.

The meeting also delved into the issue of illegal encroachments, the progress of development projects under the Capital Development Authority, the performance of the Islamabad Police, and other pressing concerns.

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Prime Minister Kakar stressed the need to promptly address the problems associated with showrooms scattered throughout the city, where vehicle trading often leads to traffic congestion and parking issues. He called for the creation of a “Car City” at an appropriate location in Islamabad to serve as an exhibition, auction, and sales hub for vehicles.

Furthermore, the caretaker prime minister emphasized the importance of developing an effective strategy to alleviate traffic congestion in the city.

In terms of public transport, it was disclosed during the meeting that 160 new buses are expected to arrive in the city soon, aiming to improve the efficacy of Islamabad’s public transportation system.

Discussion on Other Agendas 

The prime minister also called for the establishment of a central digital system for vehicle registration in all cities across the country, including Islamabad. He directed that fitness certificates for older vehicles should be issued based on internationally accepted environmental pollution standards, with an emphasis on enhancing the transparency and efficiency of the driving license issuance process nationwide.

In addressing the issue of drug-related concerns, PM Kakar ordered the authorities to take strict action against drug dealers involved in the supply of narcotics in and around educational institutions. He also directed the police to implement measures to safeguard schools and prioritize the establishment of a ‘Dolphin Force’ in Islamabad.

Regarding the Margalla National Park, the prime minister advocated for an indiscriminate operation to combat illegal encroachments on Capital Development Authority lands, including the Margalla National Park.

Discussing the law and order situation in the capital city, PM Kakar was informed that the crime rate had significantly decreased during the current year. In response, he urged the formulation of an effective strategy to ensure the protection of citizens.

Final Words

The meeting also revealed the full implementation of the e-challan system in Islamabad, leveraging modern technology and safe city cameras to enhance traffic management and enforcement.

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