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Capital Smart City Islamabad | Interchange | Payment Plan 2023

Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City Islamabad is a 55000 Kanal, RDA-approved magnificent and smart housing society located on the M2 motorway in the outskirts of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, near New Islamabad International Airport. It is Pakistan’s 1st smart City developed by Future Holdings Development and Habib Rafiq (Pvt). It is also Asia’s 4th smart City with all the smart features. 

Capital Smart City Islamabad Owners and Developers

Capital Smart City Islamabad is developed after a successful collaboration between Future Holdings Development Ltd (FDHL) and Habib Rafiq (Pvt). Both are the competent and most expert ones in the relevant industries. They have been working for Capital Smart City Islamabad mutually by for designing and development details.

Federal Development Holdings (Pvt) Limited (FDHL)

It is Pakistan’s one of top real estate development and asset management company. The organization deals in providing smart assets and features in their projects and earning customer satisfaction. FDHL is a venture of China Liaoning International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group Corporation Ltd (CLIC) and Engineering Dimesions Pvt Limited (EDL). These two are the leading companies possessing expertise in technical skills and development. 

Habib Rafiq Pvt LTD

Habib Rafiq is a qualified and experienced real estate development organization serving the industry for over five decades. The company earned ISO 9000 Certification for its quality management process. It is a pioneer of introducing revolutionizing and innovative building and development techniques. They have earned a reputable name due to their positive and productive market involvement. HRL is behind the luxurious and outstanding development of Bahria Town and DHA in Pakistan. 

Capital Smart City Islamabad NOC Approval

The NOC of Capital Smart City Islamabad has acquired the NOC for 25,000 Kanal from RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority). It is the most huge approved one piece of compact land area in Pakistan till now. The biggest NOC-approved society with smart features brings the most profitable opportunities ahead. People have gained the trust of developers and society after NOC approval as they can safely play the fair game of real estate. Plus, the residents will not be bothered in the future at all.

Capital Smart City Location

Capital Smart City Islamabad is located in a prime location on the M2 Motorway. It is the most accessible and convenient place to live according to the accessibility and availability of all conveniences nearby. CSC is located near New Islamabad International Airport and only 9.2 km away from M2 Motorway Toll Plaza near Thallian Interchange.

Capital Smart City Nearby Landmarks and Areas

Capital Smart City Nearby Landmarks and Areas

Capital Smart City Islamabad Masterplan

Like every other detail, the masterplan of Capital Smart City Islamabad is also designed by expert and professional company Surbana Jurong. It is a Singapore based company.

The masterplan of Capital Smart City Islamabad focuses on restoring the natural aspects of the society and adding luxury to the most moderate level. It is designed to include residential, commercial, and corporate sections with a lot of recreational zones and areas. The accessibility connectors to the map and masterplan makes it the most convenient place to live, work, and communicate. 

Plus, the society includes several blocks having individual, common, and also some unique features and facilities.

Subarna Jurong

Subarna Jurong is a consultancy firm from Singapore. It has more than 123 offices and a team of over 12000 employees including engineers, architects, designers, planners, engineers, and other experts. The organization is determined to turn abandoned and unused land into a finished living and commercial place.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Masterplan

Capital Smart City Islamabad Interchange(M2)

Capital Smart City Islamabad has a separate designated interchange on Motorway M2. This interchange is approved by NHA (National Highway Authority. It is going to provide an additional entrance to society. The fuel and travel costs will get lower due to this entrance. In addition, the development of the society will increase as the worth of plots near the entrance will cost more. 

Capital Smart City Islamabad Interchange(M2)

Capital Smart City Islamabad Blocks

Capital Smart City Islamabad has introduced multiple blocks and projects having the following categories and details.

General Block

The General Block is adjacent to the overseas block. It is the oldest and first block of Capital Smart City Islamabad loaded with modern and smart facilities.

Smart Villas

Smart villas are kind of smart homes where you can control your home through a digital device. They have advanced technology to ensure a modern standard life and secured environment. These are in the overseas Block. There are 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal smart villas.

Overseas Block

Overseas Block is merely reserved for the overseas. It has all the modern and digital technology installed. It is the most desired block with the benefit of possession attainment at priority basis.

Overseas Block

Executive Block

Executive Block is designed specially for the dedicated clients. It is for the ones who pay installments right on time and stay reputable. This block is located between River Side and the Gold Course. The customers of general Block can also transfer their plot to the executive Block by paying 30% higher prices.

Executive Block

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Capital Smart City Islamabad Payment Plan

The plots and villas in Capital Smart City Islamabad are affordable and suitable for every class of clients. It is because of the variety of residential plots, commercial plots, and smart villas available. Plus, the plots are available in three years of easy installments. Kindly see the payment plans provided below.

Overseas Prime II

Plot SizePlot PriceDown PaymentConfirmation42 Monthly Instalments7 Half Yearly Installments.
5 Marla3,150,000315,000315,00030,000180,000
7 Marla4,250,000425,000425,00040,500242,715
10 Marla5,750,000575,000575,00054,500330,145
12 Marla6,500,000650,000650,00062,000370,860
1 Kanal9,550,000955,000955,00090,900546,025
2 Kanal18,700,0001,870,0001,870,000178,0001,069,140

Residential Plots Payment Plan

Residential Plots – 3 years installments
Plot TypeDimensionsPlot SizeExclusive Block PriceOverseas Block PriceR/P/MS FeeNo. of Installments
Residential Plot125 Sq Yds5 Marla2,850,0003,150,00012,00014
Residential Plot175 Sq Yds7 Marla3,850,0004,250,00012,00014
Residential Plot250 Sq Yds10 Marla6,200,0005,750,00015,00014
Residential Plot300 Sq Yds12 Marla5,900,0006,500,00015,00014
Residential Plot500 Sq Yds1 Kanal8,550,0009,550,00015,00014
Residential Plot1000 Sq Yds2 Kanal16,750,00018,700,00015,00014
Installment DetailsExecutive BlockOverseas Block
5 Marla 7 Marla 10 Marla 12 Marla 1 Kanal2 Kanal5 Marla 7 Marla 10 Marla 12 Marla 1 Kanal2 Kanal
1st Quarter 190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
2nd Quarter 190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
3rd Quarter 190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
4th Quarter 190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
5th Quarter 190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
6th Quarter 190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
7th Quarter 190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
8th Quarter 190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
9th Quarter 190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
10th Quarter 190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
11th Quarter 190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
12th Quarter 190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
13th Quarter 190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
14th Quarter 190,000256,700346,700393,300570,0001,116,700210,000283,300383,300433,300636,7001,246,700
Total (PKR)2,850,0003,850,0005,200,0005,900,0008,550,00016,750,0003,150,0004,250,0005,750,0006,500,0009,550,00018,700,000

Commercial Plots

Plot TypeDimensionsPlot SizePrime LocationExclusive Block PriceOverseas Block PriceOverseas Prime Block PriceR/P/MS FeeNo. of Installments
Residential Plot100 Sq Yds4 Marla14,950,00016,450,00018,150,00020,00014
Residential Plot150 Sq Yds6 Marla19,950,00024,950,00024,150,00020,00014
6 MarlaMain Road 100’25,950,00027,450,00030,250,00020,00014
Residential Plot200 Sq Yds6 Marla24,950,00028,550,00031,450,00020,00014
8 KanalMain Road 100’31,950,00035,250,00038,850,00020,00014
8 KanalMain Road 180’ – 400’35,950,00039,550,00043,550,00020,00014
Installment DetailsExecutive BlockOverseas Block
4 Marla6 Marla6 Marla8 Marla8 Marla8 Marla4 Marla6 Marla6 Marla8 Marla8 Marla8 Marla
1st Quarter 996,7001,330,0001,730,0001,663,5502,130,0002,396,7001,096,7001,463,3001,830,0001,903,3002,350,0002,636,700
2nd Quarter 996,7001,330,0001,730,0001,663,5502,130,0002,396,7001,096,7001,463,3001,830,0001,903,3002,350,0002,636,700
3rd Quarter 996,7001,330,0001,730,0001,663,5502,130,0002,396,7001,096,7001,463,3001,830,0001,903,3002,350,0002,636,700
4th Quarter 996,7001,330,0001,730,0001,663,5502,130,0002,396,7001,096,7001,463,3001,830,0001,903,3002,350,0002,636,700
5th Quarter 996,7001,330,0001,730,0001,663,5502,130,0002,396,7001,096,7001,463,3001,830,0001,903,3002,350,0002,636,700
6th Quarter 996,7001,330,0001,730,0001,663,5502,130,0002,396,7001,096,7001,463,3001,830,0001,903,3002,350,0002,636,700
7th Quarter 996,7001,330,0001,730,0001,663,5502,130,0002,396,7001,096,7001,463,3001,830,0001,903,3002,350,0002,636,700
8th Quarter 996,7001,330,0001,730,0001,663,5502,130,0002,396,7001,096,7001,463,3001,830,0001,903,3002,350,0002,636,700
9th Quarter 996,7001,330,0001,730,0001,663,5502,130,0002,396,7001,096,7001,463,3001,830,0001,903,3002,350,0002,636,700
10th Quarter 996,7001,330,0001,730,0001,663,5502,130,0002,396,7001,096,7001,463,3001,830,0001,903,3002,350,0002,636,700
11th Quarter 996,7001,330,0001,730,0001,663,5502,130,0002,396,7001,096,7001,463,3001,830,0001,903,3002,350,0002,636,700
12th Quarter 996,7001,330,0001,730,0001,663,5502,130,0002,396,7001,096,7001,463,3001,830,0001,903,3002,350,0002,636,700
13th Quarter 996,7001,330,0001,730,0001,663,5502,130,0002,396,7001,096,7001,463,3001,830,0001,903,3002,350,0002,636,700
14th Quarter 996,7001,330,0001,730,0001,663,5502,130,0002,396,7001,096,7001,463,3001,830,0001,903,3002,350,0002,636,700
Total (PKR)14,950,00019,950,00025,950,00024,950,00031,950,00035,950,00016,450,00021,950,00027,450,00028,550,00035,250,00039,550,000
Installment DetailsOverseas Prime Block
4 Marla6 Marla6 Marla8 Marla8 Marla8 Marla
1st Quarter 1,210,0001,610,0002,016,7002,096,6002,590,0002,903,300
2nd Quarter 1,210,0001,610,0002,016,7002,096,6002,590,0002,903,300
3rd Quarter 1,210,0001,610,0002,016,7002,096,6002,590,0002,903,300
4th Quarter 1,210,0001,610,0002,016,7002,096,6002,590,0002,903,300
5th Quarter 1,210,0001,610,0002,016,7002,096,6002,590,0002,903,300
6th Quarter 1,210,0001,610,0002,016,7002,096,6002,590,0002,903,300
7th Quarter 1,210,0001,610,0002,016,7002,096,6002,590,0002,903,300
8th Quarter 1,210,0001,610,0002,016,7002,096,6002,590,0002,903,300
9th Quarter 1,210,0001,610,0002,016,7002,096,6002,590,0002,903,300
10th Quarter 1,210,0001,610,0002,016,7002,096,6002,590,0002,903,300
11th Quarter 1,210,0001,610,0002,016,7002,096,6002,590,0002,903,300
12th Quarter 1,210,0001,610,0002,016,7002,096,6002,590,0002,903,300
13th Quarter 1,210,0001,610,0002,016,7002,096,6002,590,0002,903,300
14th Quarter 1,210,0001,610,0002,016,7002,096,6002,590,0002,903,300
Total (PKR)18,150,00024,150,00030,250,00031,450,00038,850,00043,550,000

Residential Plots – Overseas Prime Block

Plot Type

Plot Size

Plot Price
Payment Breakdown
Down PaymentConfirmation42 Monthly Installments7 Half Yearly Installments
Residential Plot7 Marla4,675,000467,500467,50044,430267,707
Residential Plot10 Marla6,275,000627,500627,50059,785358,433
Residential Plot12 Marla7,150,000715,000715,00068,000409,141
Residential Plot1 Kanal10,550,0001,055,0001,055,000100,486602,797
Residential Plot2 Kanal20,250,0002,025,0002,025,000192,8571,157,143
Residential Plot4 Kanal45,000,0004,500,000,4,500,000,428,5712,571,429

Residential Plots – Executive and Overseas Block

Executive Block

Plot Type

Covered Area

Plot Size
Price Per Standard Villa (Rs. Million)
3 Bed4 Bed5 Bed6 Bed7 Bed
Residential Villa 2050 sqft5 Marla17.4517.97
Residential Villa 2400 sqft7 Marla21.00
Residential Villa 2800 sqft10 Marla27.6528.35
Residential Villa 3500 sqft12 Marla31.3532.35
Residential Villa 4900 sqft1 Kanal44.8545.95
Residential Villa 7500 sqft2 Kanal68.6570.1571.75
Installment DetailsQuarterly Installment Amount
5 Marla7 Marla10 Marla12 Marla1 Kanal2 Kanal
3 Bed4 Bed4 Bed4 Bed5 Bed4 Bed5 Bed5 Bed6 Bed5 Bed6 Bed7 Bed
1st Quarter 1,163,0001,200,0001,400,0001,843,0001,890,0002,090,0002,155,0002,990,0003,065,0004,576,0004,676,0004,783,000
2nd Quarter 1,163,0001,200,0001,400,0001,843,0001,890,0002,090,0002,155,0002,990,0003,065,0004,576,0004,676,0004,783,000
3rd Quarter 1,163,0001,200,0001,400,0001,843,0001,890,0002,090,0002,155,0002,990,0003,065,0004,576,0004,676,0004,783,000
4th Quarter 1,163,0001,200,0001,400,0001,843,0001,890,0002,090,0002,155,0002,990,0003,065,0004,576,0004,676,0004,783,000
5th Quarter 1,163,0001,200,0001,400,0001,843,0001,890,0002,090,0002,155,0002,990,0003,065,0004,576,0004,676,0004,783,000
6th Quarter 1,163,0001,200,0001,400,0001,843,0001,890,0002,090,0002,155,0002,990,0003,065,0004,576,0004,676,0004,783,000
7th Quarter 1,163,0001,200,0001,400,0001,843,0001,890,0002,090,0002,155,0002,990,0003,065,0004,576,0004,676,0004,783,000
8th Quarter 1,163,0001,200,0001,400,0001,843,0001,890,0002,090,0002,155,0002,990,0003,065,0004,576,0004,676,0004,783,000
9th Quarter 1,163,0001,200,0001,400,0001,843,0001,890,0002,090,0002,155,0002,990,0003,065,0004,576,0004,676,0004,783,000
10th Quarter 1,163,0001,200,0001,400,0001,843,0001,890,0002,090,0002,155,0002,990,0003,065,0004,576,0004,676,0004,783,000
11th Quarter 1,163,0001,200,0001,400,0001,843,0001,890,0002,090,0002,155,0002,990,0003,065,0004,576,0004,676,0004,783,000
12th Quarter 1,163,0001,200,0001,400,0001,843,0001,890,0002,090,0002,155,0002,990,0003,065,0004,576,0004,676,0004,783,000
Total (PKR)17,450,00017,970,00021,000,00027,650,00028,350,00031,350,00032,350,00044,850,00045,950,00068,650,00070,150,00071,750,000
Overseas Block

Plot Type

Covered Area

Plot Size
Price Per Standard Villa (Rs. Million)
3 Bed4 Bed5 Bed6 Bed7 Bed
Residential Villa 2050 sqft5 Marla18.3518.85
Residential Villa 2400 sqft7 Marla22.05
Residential Villa 2800 sqft10 Marla29.0029.75
Residential Villa 3500 sqft12 Marla32.9534.00
Residential Villa 4900 sqft1 Kanal47.1548.25
Residential Villa 7500 sqft2 Kanal72.1573.6575.35
Installment DetailsQuarterly Installment Amount
5 Marla7 Marla10 Marla12 Marla1 Kanal2 Kanal
3 Bed4 Bed4 Bed4 Bed5 Bed4 Bed5 Bed5 Bed6 Bed5 Bed6 Bed7 Bed
1st Quarter 1,223,0001,257,0001,470,001,933,0001,983,0002,196,0002,266,0003,143,0003,216,0004,810,0004,910,0005,023,000
2nd Quarter 1,223,0001,257,0001,470,001,933,0001,983,0002,196,0002,266,0003,143,0003,216,0004,810,0004,910,0005,023,000
3rd Quarter 1,223,0001,257,0001,470,001,933,0001,983,0002,196,0002,266,0003,143,0003,216,0004,810,0004,910,0005,023,000
4th Quarter 1,223,0001,257,0001,470,001,933,0001,983,0002,196,0002,266,0003,143,0003,216,0004,810,0004,910,0005,023,000
5th Quarter 1,223,0001,257,0001,470,001,933,0001,983,0002,196,0002,266,0003,143,0003,216,0004,810,0004,910,0005,023,000
6th Quarter 1,223,0001,257,0001,470,001,933,0001,983,0002,196,0002,266,0003,143,0003,216,0004,810,0004,910,0005,023,000
7th Quarter 1,223,0001,257,0001,470,001,933,0001,983,0002,196,0002,266,0003,143,0003,216,0004,810,0004,910,0005,023,000
8th Quarter 1,223,0001,257,0001,470,001,933,0001,983,0002,196,0002,266,0003,143,0003,216,0004,810,0004,910,0005,023,000
9th Quarter 1,223,0001,257,0001,470,001,933,0001,983,0002,196,0002,266,0003,143,0003,216,0004,810,0004,910,0005,023,000
10th Quarter 1,223,0001,257,0001,470,001,933,0001,983,0002,196,0002,266,0003,143,0003,216,0004,810,0004,910,0005,023,000
11th Quarter 1,223,0001,257,0001,470,001,933,0001,983,0002,196,0002,266,0003,143,0003,216,0004,810,0004,910,0005,023,000
12th Quarter 1,223,0001,257,0001,470,001,933,0001,983,0002,196,0002,266,0003,143,0003,216,0004,810,0004,910,0005,023,000
Total (PKR)18,350,0001,850,00022,050,00029,000,00029,750,00032,950,00034,000,00047,150,00048,250,00072,150,00073,650,00075,350,000

Document Requires for Plot Booking

Documents that are required for the booking of the plots are

●     CNIC copy of the buyer

●     CINC copy of the next of kin

●     2 Passport size pictures of the buyer

Document Requires for Plot Booking

Capital Smart City Islamabad Facilities and Amenities

Capital Smart City Islamabad has the following smart facilities:

Capital Smart City Islamabad Facilities and Amenities
  • Smart Housing
  • Latest Technology
  • Gated Community
  • CCTV Surveillance Cameras
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Object and Facial Recognition Cameras
  • River Side
  • Golf Club
  • Commercial Zone
  • Underground Electrification
  • Bird Parks
  • Educational Institutes
  • High standard Healthcare Centers
  • 24/7 Power Supply
  • Shopping Arenas
  • Hotels and Theme Parks
  • Ranches
  • Sewerage Treatment Plant

Why you should invest with Amanah.pk?

We Don’t’s:

  • Ask for Own or Markup
  • Use Music in our Marketing
  • Use Female Face in our Marketing

We Do:

  • Plant Trees for our Clients
  • Offer the best Competitive Prices
Why you should invest with Amanah.pk?

Elements of Capital Smart City Islamabad

The main three elements of Capital Smart City Islamabad are based on the moral and development objective it has introduced.

Smart Housing

It offers smart housing where all the houses will be controlled with digital devices. It provides protection to the residents and also introduces them to a way forward in living standards.

Smart Environment

It is the most environmentally friendly society introduced in Pakistan. There was the least loss of any natural asset during the development of CSC. The land was naturally gifted with natural surroundings. It has 29 Mile recreational trail alongside. The river. It also has Panda Reserve, the first ever Natural Theme Park in Pakistan, providing a natural environment for the animals.

Smart Economy

It will be the first commercial zone in the area. Being in the proximity of the International Airport and CPEC, it is expected to offer more than 80 thousand employment opportunities. The Financial Square, Aviation District, Crystal Lake, Boulevard District, and several areas will be a hub for economic activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the developers of Capital Smart City Islamabad?

Capital Smart City Islamabad is developed by Future Holdings Development Ltd (FDHL) and Habib Rafiq (Pvt).

Is the NOC of Capital Smart City Islamabad approved?

Yes! The NOC of Capital Smart City Islamabad is approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

Where is Capital Smart City Islamabad located?

It is located on the M2 motorway on the outskirts of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, near New Islamabad International Airport.

Does Capital Smart City Islamabad have a separate interchange?

Yes! It has a separate exclusive interchange on Motorway M2. This interchange is approved by NHA (National Highway Authority. It is going to provide an additional entrance to society.

How many blocks are there in Capital Smart City Islamabad?

There are the following blocks in CSC: 
Overseas Prime 1
Overseas Prime 2
General Block
Executive Block

Are the plots available in installments?

Yes! The plots are available in easy three years installments.

What is the most important smart feature of Capital Smart City Islamabad?

It offers smart villas with digital devices to control home operations and features. Plus, the whole society has smart technology integrated.

How much is the distance between Capital Smart City Islamabad and New Islamabad International Airport?

Capital Smart City Islamabad is 5 min away from New Islamabad International Airport.


Capital Smart City is a grand housing society located in a prime location and possesses smart features. It is the first housing society with the biggest piece of approved land. The society offers multiple blocks, smart villas, commercial zones, recreational areas and numerous other facilities. It is the best opportunity for the residents and investors as the prices are expected to go high and will provide a profitable deal to the interested folks. This society contributes a lot to the economical welfare of Pakistan by providing the only commercial zone in the area and offering the expected rate of 80,000 jobs to the people.

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