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Chairman CDA Expresses Discontent Over Cleanliness at Capital Hospital

Capital Hospital

Chaudhry Muhammad Ali Randhawa, Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), embarked on a surprise visit to the Capital Hospital on Monday, unveiling a spectrum of concerns regarding cleanliness and security lapses at the health facility.

State of Capital Hospital

Capital Hospital

Randhawa’s dismay over the unhygienic state of the hospital prompted immediate directives to enhance cleanliness standards. He voiced dissatisfaction with the security arrangements and issued a stern warning to the security officer on duty. Additionally, he underscored the imperative to ameliorate health treatment facilities for patients and flagged a malfunctioning MRI machine.

Demanding swift action, Randhawa instructed the hospital management to expedite the repair of the MRI machine and furnish a report promptly. Patients, advocating for improved services, urged the chairman to scrutinize the dual employment of technical staff, alleging neglect of duties at Capital Hospital while excelling in their private sector roles.

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During his visit, Randhawa also toured the 1122 Rescue Centre, where he personally responded to an emergency call by dispatching an ambulance. Holding the concurrent position of Chief Commissioner Islamabad, he set a stringent timeline of 100 days for the completion of the model prison hospital project, emphasizing zero tolerance for delays.

Accompanied by the Inspector General of Police Islamabad and officials from Pak PWD, a meeting ensued where progress reports revealed substantial completion percentages for various project components.