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Canopy Resorts Kalam | Invest In Kalam

Canopy Resorts Kalam is a 60 Kanal world-class resort destination, speedily developing in Gahil Village Kalam, having apartments, huts, cottages, and plots, with beautiful views and flood-safe water springs nearby.

It is a recreational resort that offers a variety of activities and amenities to meet guests’ leisure and entertainment needs. It’s located in Swat, Pakistan, and provides a peaceful setting for relaxation and enjoyment. The resort has cozy cottages that blend in with the landscape, offering guests a comfortable retreat. Canopy Resort Kalam has great facilities, such as a restaurant that serves local and international food, a spa for relaxation, and a friendly staff that ensures a delightful stay. Whether you’re looking to relax or enjoy outdoor activities, Canopy Resort Kalam is a great destination for a mountain getaway.

Location of Canopy Resorts Kalam

Canopy is located in the central village of Gahil in Kalam. It is:

  • 300 KM from Islamabad to Kalam
  • 289 KM from Peshawar to Kalam
  • 1.5 KM from Kalam Bazar
  • 99 KM from Mingora Swat

Kalam has a total of 5 Big Villages out of which, Gahil is the most beautiful as it has water streams runnning through it. Most of the major luxury resorts are located in Gahil Area of Kalam as it is primely and easily approachable.

The road to Gahil and Canopy Resorts starts as soon as you enter Kalam, thus you don’t need to go through a lot of traffic of Main Kalam Bazar.

Investment Options In Canopy Resorts Kalam

There are several investment options available in Canopy Resorts Kalam. It includes:

  • Canopy Plots
  • Canopy Huts
  • Canopy Cottages
  • Canopy Heights

Canopy Plots Kalam

Buy a Plot in Kalam, by mountains right beside the astonishing waterfall. Canopy is offering 60 kanal land where you can select your own plot and work with your own architect/contractors to customize your villa or suite or use it for a Commercial Purpose.

Canopy is currently offering plots from 3.5 Marla up to 2 kanal (Commercial & Residential) in Kalam within a Resort. Each of these plots has an ideal view for you, with a 25 feet wide road face and a dedicated parking space.

Canopy Huts Kalam

To maximize the rental potential and to earn rental income in Kalam, we are offering Canopy Huts. These beautiful Huts in Kalam are designed as Dual units to maximize rental potential. Set on freehold land up to 1254 sq. ft covered area; these huts comprise of two bedroom and three-bedroom layout, both ground floor and first floor having plush dining, kitchen and living area.

Canopy Cottages Kalam

As the demand of Cottages in Kalam is already very high. In canopy resorts, we are also bringing these Cottages for you. These units are designed as Dual Units to maximize rental potential and they are being constructed on an area of 1946 sq. ft.

Each cottage has a three and four-bedroom layout with dedicated car parking space. Signature features like Central Heating, On-demand chef service, Vallet Parking, Fireplace, and community center access. etc. will be given to each of the residents.

Canopy Heights Kalam

To further facilitate the tourists and for those who want to have a self-created environment, with freedom of everything. We are introducing Canopy Heights as well. an Apartment Project in Kalam, where you can either live or rent out an apartment in Kalam to others and earn a huge rental income.

These will be super-luxury apartments with astonishing green panoramic views of the whole Gahil Village and Kalam Valley.

Amenities in Canopy Resorts Kalam

Canopy Resorts is a place of leisure that offers a premium experience of stay and lavish in Kalam. We are making sure that our facilities and amenities are the best ones, and for that, we are bringing these following amenities in Canopy Resorts Kalam.

  • Spa
  • Cinemas
  • Sky gardens
  • Infinity pools
  • Open-air theatre
  • Gymnasium
  • Tennis courts
  • Bowling alleys
  • Indoor game rooms with billiards, table tennis, arcade games
  • Restaurants
  • Cafés
  • Bars and lounges
  • Meditation facility
  • Wildlife sanctuaries, nature reserves within the resort premises
  • Adventure with zip line, rick climbing, rope courses
  • Equestrian centres
  • Conference rooms/ ball rooms
  • Parkings etc

Investment Models in Canopy Resorts Kalam

Canopy Resort Kalam offers various investment options and partnerships tailored to meet the diverse needs and preferences of investors. Some of the different types of investment options or partnerships that the resort may offer include:

Unit Purchase in Canopy Resorts Kalam

Investors can purchase individual units within the resort, such as villas, cottages, or apartments. This allows them to own a specific portion of the resort property and potentially earn rental income or capital appreciation.

Plots for Sale in Canopy Resorts Kalam

Investors will have the option to purchase plots of land within the Canopy Resort Kalam, which can be developed according to their preferences and specifications. This provides an opportunity to build and customize their own structures within the resort.

Rental Pool Programs

The resort may have rental pool programs where investors can contribute their units to a rental pool managed by the resort. This allows investors to earn rental income from their units while benefiting from professional management service.

Potential Returns in Canopy Resorts Kalam

Kalam is a beautiful tourist destination that is also a good investment option. Its lands have appreciated by over 100% each year. For the last two years, rental income and appreciation have been high in Kalam and are expected to continue increasing rapidly in the near future.

Overall, if we see the rental income comparison with respect to the occupancy rate, in Kalam. There’s still a very big margin there.

Canopy Club Kalam and its Free Membership

Upon investing in Canopy Resorts Kalam, you will receive a membership card that grants you and your family free access to the resort’s amenities for a lifetime.

Joining the Canopy Club provides exclusive privileges and enhanced experiences within the resort. Members can take full advantage of the facilities, services, and recreational offerings without any additional costs. This includes access to recreational areas such as swimming pools, fitness centers, sports facilities, and any other amenities provided by the resort.

Being a member of the Canopy Club not only provides ongoing access to the resort’s amenities but also fosters a sense of community and belonging. Investors can connect with other like-minded individuals who share a passion for the resort and its offerings. This creates opportunities for networking, socializing, and engaging in shared experiences, further enriching their overall investment experience.

Furthermore, the lifetime membership ensures that investors and their families can enjoy the benefits and perks of the Canopy Club for years to come. Whether it’s for regular vacations, family gatherings, or special occasions, they can return to the resort and indulge in its amenities without incurring additional expenses. This long-term value adds to the appeal and attractiveness of investing in Canopy Resort Kalam.

Overall, the inclusion of the Canopy Club membership with a lifetime access card as an additional benefit provides investors with ongoing enjoyment, convenience, and a sense of exclusivity within the resort’s community.

How Canopy Resorts is Different From Others?

Canopy Resort stands out from other accommodations in the area because of several key aspects that make it unique and appealing. Here are the ways in which the resort is different:

  1. Design and Comfort: Canopy Resort takes great care in making the huts and cottages comfortable for guests. They’re modern, cozy, and immersive, allowing guests to relax and unwind.
  2. Canopy Owners Club: Canopy Resort offers an additional benefit to its investors and clients through the Canopy Club membership. When individuals invest in Canopy Resort, they become members of the Canopy Club. This gives them and their families free access to the resort’s amenities for a lifetime.
  3. Nature and Adventure Activities: Canopy Resort offers a range of nature and adventure activities such as hiking, trekking, and wildlife exploration. These activities provide guests with unique opportunities to connect with nature and create lasting memories.
  4. Guest Experience and Service: Canopy Resort prioritizes providing a personalized and memorable guest experience. The resort’s staff is trained to deliver exceptional service and ensure guest satisfaction. They aim to create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere.
  5. Apartments and Hotel Suites: Canopy Resort features well-appointed apartments and hotel suites for guests who prefer a more traditional lodging experience.
  6. Huts and Cottages: Canopy Resort’s huts and cottages provide a unique and immersive experience, allowing guests to connect with nature while enjoying modern comforts. They offer a tranquil and picturesque setting, nestled amidst the trees and providing panoramic views of the surroundings.

FAQs About Canopy Resorts Kalam

How can I book a plot in Canopy Resorts Kalam?

You can buy your plot in Kalam by contacting us on UAN 0331 111 0737

How can I buy an apartment in Kalam?

You can buy your own apartment in Kalam by contacting us on UAN 0331 111 0737. We have beautiful apartment options at the prime locations of Kalam

How can I buy a Hut or Cottage in Kalam?

In Canopy Resorts, you have Huts and Cottages, from two to four bedroom size. You can buy your Hut or Cottage in Kalam by Contacting Amanah.pk on UAN 0331 111 0737

What investment Options are Available in Kalam?

In Kalam, we have Apartments, Plots, Huts, and Cottages for investment in Canopy Resorts Kalam.

Where is Canopy Resorts Located?

Canopy Resorts is located at the top of Gahil Village in Kalam.

Published by: Hammad Shah 

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