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Cancellation of 18 Housing Societies by DC Islamabad

DC Islamabad Irfan Nawaz Memon ordered the registration cancellation for 18 housing societies on Friday (23 September 2022) right after the court invalidated the stay taken by the societies.

The Deputy Commissioner had ordered to take the registration down in July 2022 but the housing societies got the stay order from the court. Being also a Registrar of Cooperative Housing Societies, the Deputy Commissioner has the authority to cancel the housing societies registration in case of any violation. Registration of the following housing societies got canceled:

  1. Pakistan Professional Cooperative
  2. Engineers Cooperative Housing Society
  3. State Life Insurance Cooperative Housing Society
  4. KRL Employees Housing Societies
  5. PARC Employees Housing Societies
  6. Islamabad Cooperative Housing Societies
  7. PAEC Employees Cooperative
  8. PWD Employees Cooperative
  9. National Police Foundation Cooperative
  10. OGDC Employees Cooperative
  11. Federal Shariat Court Employees Cooperative
  12. Wapda Employees Cooperative Housing Society
  13. Veterans Cooperative
  14. OGDC Officers Cooperative
  15. Foreign Office Cooperative
  16. Work No Ward Cooperative
  17. Ministry of Commerce
  18. Pakistan Employees Cooperative
Cancellation of 18 Housing Societies by DC Islamabad.

The ICT representative told that there were mainly two types of societies involved; namely housing schemes and cooperative housing societies. CDA was dealing with them previously and the matter got into the hands of ICT later. The following societies originally fall into the Punjab limits and area but are registered with ICT. That is why the matter got in hands of Deputy Commissioner Islamabad/Cooperative Housing Societies Registrar Islamabad.

People’s opinion regarding the cancellation:

According to the sources, the registration of the following societies got cancelled because these ok fall in the territory of Punjab. But the question being raised is that these societies exist for more than a decade and had the NOC by CDA. People accuse CDA for being negligent from the very start and now they have suddenly cancelled the registration of NOC. CDA has told the societies to get the NOC from the concerned and related authorities. 

The investors claim that there is no loss of CDA or the societies’ owners because the plots are sold out . Only the buyer or investor are the ones facing loss and their properties are now stuck. There is no clarification or comments from CDA on this matter till now.

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