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Rawalpindi Administration Plans New Bus Depot for E-Buses

Bus Depot for E-Buses

After a strategic decision by the district administration, over 30 kanals of land on Peshawar Road are set to be transformed into a state-of-the-art bus depot for e-buses, marking a significant leap forward in public transportation for the garrison city.

Bus Depot for E-Buses

Bus Depot for E-Buses

In a move initiated by the caretaker government, the land, which was retrieved from Varan Tours in 2018, will now serve as a crucial hub for electric buses, slated to arrive in Rawalpindi next month. The Regional Transport Authority (RTA) Secretary, Rashid Ali, announced that the approval from the caretaker government has set in motion the process of acquiring 78 electric buses for the city.

The allocated land at Chur Chaki near Siham on Peshawar Road is poised to become a multifunctional facility, housing the bus depot, a charging station, a workshop, and a service station. The area had previously accommodated a bus terminal in the 1970s, operated by the Punjab Transport Department, before being utilized by the Varan bus service in the 2000s. The land was reclaimed in 2018 from its ‘illegal possession.’

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“We have made a plan to construct a charging station in the area, a workshop, and a service station. The PC-I will be complete soon,” stated Secretary Rashid Ali. Additionally, a petrol filling station will be erected at the front of the depot, contributing to revenue generation for the facility.

The routes for the 78 electric buses have already been allocated as part of the feeder routes project. In the first phase, these buses will operate on six routes, aiming to provide convenient access to metro stations across the city. The routes include Rawat Mandi Morr to Saddar, Islamabad Expressway (Koral Chowk) to Marrir Chowk, Dhok Kashmirian to Liaquat Bagh via Tipu Road, Dhoke Kashmirian to Chandani Chowk, Pirwadahi Morr to Marrir Chowk via GT Road, and Faizabad to IJP Road to Khanna Pul.

The introduction of electric buses is expected to revolutionize public transportation, promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact. The imminent arrival of these modern vehicles signifies a major stride towards a more efficient, eco-friendly, and accessible public transport system for the residents of Rawalpindi.