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Islamabad Residents Rally for Extension of Blue Line Metro Bus

Blue Line Metro Bus

To alleviate traffic congestion and enhance connectivity, residents of housing societies near the Islamabad Expressway are calling for extending the Blue Line metro bus service up to the PWD interchange. The residents, hailing from Korang, Jinnah Garden, PWD, Sohan, and other adjacent areas, believe that extending the route would significantly improve traffic flow on one of the busiest arteries in the twin cities.

Extension of Blue Line Metro Bus

Blue Line Metro Bus

The initial plan for the Blue Line service included the route extension, but it was deferred due to road conditions and ongoing construction and expansion work from Korang Bridge to Rawat. With the completion of extensive road lane laying up to the PWD interchange, residents are now urging authorities to revisit and implement the original plan.

Raziq Shah, a resident of Jinnah Garden, emphasized that the extended route would cater to a large number of commuters, including students. Abdul Quddus, a trader in PWD, highlighted the positive impact of the bus service on traffic movement, asserting that the improved multi-lane road from Korang Bridge to Naval Anchorage Housing Society warranted an immediate expansion of the Blue Line route to the PWD interchange.

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The residents’ demand aligns with the Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) recent decision to introduce 160 electric buses on 13 routes across the capital city. While the laying of new road lanes has been completed, residents like Shaheena Jabeen and Humaira, working women from Korang town, pointed out the inconvenience of having to rely on private vehicles to reach the Koral bus stand for the metro bus service.

Echoing the sentiment, retiree Ahmed Ghulam suggested creating additional passages for electric buses, as announced by the CDA, to link various residential and commercial areas with the metro bus route. Jameel Babar, who runs an architectural firm, proposed not only increasing the number of buses to accommodate the growing commuter population but also extending the service hours to address congestion during peak times.

As the city’s infrastructure evolves, the residents are hopeful that their calls for an extended Blue Line metro bus service will be heeded, providing a more seamless and efficient public transportation experience for the residents of Islamabad.