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Residents Near Islamabad Expressway Urge Blue Bus Service Extension

Blue Bus Service

Daily commuters residing in various housing societies near the Islamabad Expressway are calling for an extension of the Blue Bus Service route up to the PWD interchange. This demand comes in response to the significant progress made in road widening and construction work on one of the busiest arteries of the twin cities.

Blue Bus Service Extension

Blue Bus Service

Residents from Korang, Pakistan, Jinnah Garden, PWD, Sohan, and neighboring societies emphasized the completion of road expansion and construction activities from Korang Bridge to Rawat. They highlighted that the authorities had initially deferred the extension of the Blue Metro Bus Service from Rawat due to the road conditions and ongoing construction work.

Now that the road widening project has concluded in the specified area, the residents argue that it is opportune to extend the Blue Metro Bus Service to cater to a substantial number of daily commuters. They contend that the mass transport facility should be expanded to cover the periphery of outer areas located within a 30 km radius from the main downtown.

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The residents believe that the extension of the Blue Metro Bus Service would not only provide enhanced commuting options but also contribute to easing traffic congestion in the region. They have urged relevant authorities to reevaluate the route plan and consider the inclusion of PWD interchange to better serve the commuting needs of the growing population residing in the vicinity.

As the city’s infrastructure continues to evolve, the call for an expanded and more accessible public transportation network reflects the community’s desire for efficient and convenient travel options. Authorities are urged to address these demands and work towards enhancing the overall transportation infrastructure in Islamabad.