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CDA Unveils Ambitious Plan for Extensive Bicycle Network in Islamabad

Bicycle Network

To promote sustainable and eco-friendly transportation, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) announced on Monday the initiation of the “Cycling as an Alternate Transport” bicycle network for Islamabad. CDA Chairman Anwarul Haq, while presiding over a meeting, revealed the comprehensive plan aimed at reducing the carbon footprint and alleviating traffic congestion in the federal capital.

Extensive Bicycle Network in Islamabad

Bicycle Network

According to the statement released by the CDA, the project entails the development of an extensive network of dedicated bicycle lanes, covering over 146 km of two-way lanes and 98 km of one-way lanes throughout Islamabad. The initiative is set to introduce Paddle and e-bike options to encourage environmentally conscious commuting. Additionally, the plan includes the establishment of 100% protected and connected lanes and the installation of 72 bicycle parking stations strategically located across the city.

CDA Chairman Anwarul Haq emphasized that the primary objective of this transformative project is to establish a secure citywide bicycle route network, providing a safe and accessible cycling infrastructure for the citizens. The initiative aims to offer an equitable commute option while addressing environmental concerns and reducing dependence on traditional modes of transportation.

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“The project is a concentrated effort to reduce the amount and impact of greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles and private vehicles,” stated the PC-I (Project Concept-1). The document also highlighted that cities worldwide, including Bangalore, Manila, Tehran, Guangzhou, among others, are adopting sustainable transportation solutions to combat air pollution and reduce their carbon footprint.

Aside from the environmental benefits, the project is anticipated to have a significant impact on mitigating traffic and parking congestion in various areas of the city. By introducing cycling as a viable alternative mode of transportation, the CDA envisions a more sustainable and livable urban environment for the residents of Islamabad.

As the project takes shape, the CDA anticipates positive contributions not only to the city’s environmental profile but also to the overall well-being and convenience of its residents.