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CDA Chairman Urges Active Supervision by Traffic Police at Bharakahu Bypass

Bharakahu bypass

Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), Muhammad Ali Randhawa, has called for proactive supervision by the Islamabad Traffic Police at the Bharakahu bypass to ensure smooth traffic flow and address public concerns.

Bharakahu Bypass

Bharakahu bypass

In a meeting attended by senior management representatives from NESPAK, contractor M/s NLC, Islamabad Traffic Police, and senior engineering staff officers, Chairman Randhawa emphasized the need to enhance road safety measures, particularly on curves, and to enforce stringent safety protocols along the entire bypass before allowing heavy traffic.

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Highlighting the importance of maintaining international quality standards and implementing strict safety measures, Chairman Randhawa stressed the paramount need to ensure the safety of citizens. He reiterated the commitment to uphold the highest benchmarks without any compromise.

The Bharakahu bypass project is a significant infrastructure development for Islamabad, and Chairman Randhawa reaffirmed the CDA’s dedication to delivering a project that meets international standards and ensures the safety and convenience of the public.

With collaborative efforts from all stakeholders, the CDA aims to achieve these objectives and contribute to enhancing the city’s infrastructure and ensuring a safer commuting experience for residents and commuters alike.