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Concerns Rise Over Poor Road Conditions in Bhara Kahu

Bhara Kahu

Representatives from various sectors, including social, business, public, and educational circles, have voiced their growing apprehension over the deplorable state of roads in Bhara Kahu. The focus of their concern has been particularly on the roads leading to the toll plaza, which have been described as severely dilapidated.

Poor Road Conditions in Bhara Kahu

Bhara Kahu

Local residents Nadeem Shah and Sajjad Abbasi expressed disappointment, stating that despite the construction of the Bhara Kahu Interchange, the anticipated resolution of longstanding issues has not materialized. They highlighted the persistence of problems faced by the community, emphasizing the urgent need for attention to the deteriorating road infrastructure.

Leaders from the local community have rallied together, demanding swift action to address the dire condition of the roads. In their plea, they underscored the unmet expectations of the residents who were hopeful that the construction of the interchange would bring relief. Instead, the situation has remained unchanged, posing significant challenges for the people of Bhara Kahu.

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The local leaders have officially called for an immediate repair of the roads and have appealed directly to the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad to intervene. Their collective plea urges the authorities to take notice of the worsening situation and expedite the necessary measures to repair and restore the roads without further delay.

As the community waits for a resolution, concerns linger over the impact of the deteriorating road conditions on daily life, commerce, and safety in Bhara Kahu. The pressing need for urgent action has become a focal point for both the residents and the representatives advocating for the well-being of the local populace.