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CDA Urges Swift Resolution for Reopening Bhara Kahu Bypass

Bhara Kahu Bypass

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) management raised concerns regarding the closure of the multi-billion rupee projects, the Bhara Kahu bypass project, and a segment of the I.J. Principal Road to heavy traffic. In a meeting chaired by CDA Chairman Anwarul Haq, directives were issued to the relevant wing to reopen both roads to all kinds of traffic promptly.

Bhara Kahu Bypass Project

Bhara Kahu Bypass

The Bhara Kahu bypass, a project with an expenditure exceeding Rs6.5 billion and additional costs anticipated due to ongoing work, drew attention during the meeting. Under third-party validation, a consultant reviews the supplementary work and its associated costs.

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CDA officials clarified that there were no structural stability issues with the projects, attributing the road closures to technical reasons. The Bhara Kahu bypass faced limitations due to sharp curves, deemed unsafe for speeding heavy vehicles. While acknowledging that road closures are not a solution, officials proposed addressing the issue with speed breakers, signboards, and the deployment of traffic police.

Bhara Kahu Bypass Project Meeting

“Since the chairman passed a clear direction today, I hope this issue will be resolved in the coming days, and the bypass will be opened to heavy traffic as well,” stated an official.

In the meeting, CDA Chief Anwarul Haq directed that heavy traffic should also be permitted on Karnal Sher Khan Road (formerly I.J. Principal Road). The discussion revolved around the closure of a flyover on this road near Sabzi Mandi due to a landing issue on a regular road.

It was revealed that encroachment on both sides of the road resulted in the closure, as heavy traffic landing on a regular road occupied flexible lanes meant for light traffic. To address this, CDA committed to removing all types of encroachment in the area, directing heavy traffic to use rigid lanes with the support of traffic police.

The meeting also covered other ongoing projects, including expanding Park Road and the road from Sector D-12 to Sector E-11. Chairman Anwarul Haq emphasized the timely removal of utility services from Park Road and the swift completion of the project.

Additionally, it was disclosed that the road project from D-12 to E-11 was nearing completion and expected to open to traffic in the coming weeks. A project review meeting is scheduled for Wednesday to assess the progress of other ongoing projects.

Final Words

The CDA remains committed to addressing challenges and ensuring the efficient execution of critical projects for the benefit of the public.