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Best Apartment Projects in Peshawar

best apartment projects in Peshawar

Peshawar is becoming the hub for mega investment projects and modern infrastructure. Its real estate market is thriving, with demand for residential and commercial properties rising. 

Peshawar’s strategic location, expanding infrastructure, and urbanization have made it a lucrative investment opportunity. Many potential investors and buyers are inclined towards investing in Peshawar. If you are looking for the best apartment projects in Peshawar, you are at the right place.

Why Invest in Peshawar?

Peshawar promises a lucrative investment potential due to the following reasons. Investing in the best apartment projects in Peshawar brings you significant ROI and revenue. Here’s how:

Strategic Location 

Peshawar is the capital of KPK and is a focal point for business growth. Due to its closeness to Afghanistan and Central Asian nations, Peshawar serves as an important trading and transit gateway for regional trade. This geographic advantage encourages business activity and raises city property values.


Since Peshawar is a major business hub, many investors have launched several mega residential and commercial projects in the city. Due to this, Peshawar now houses state-of-the-art malls, modern parks, advanced plazas, and new highways. All of this makes Peshawar the best place for investment. 

Government Initiatives

The Pakistani government, especially the previous governments, has actively promoted investment in Peshawar, offering various incentives and tax benefits to local and foreign investors. These initiatives aim to boost economic growth and provide a conducive environment for businesses.

Capital City

Since Peshawar is the capital of KPK, it attracts investors from the country and around the world. Being the only advanced city in the region, people like to invest in Peshawar to benefit from the world-class facilities and amenities. 

Economic Growth

The steady economic growth of Peshawar has resulted in an increasing number of job opportunities and a rising middle class. As the population’s purchasing power grows, the demand for residential and commercial properties also rises.

Tourism Potential

Peshawar’s rich historical sites and cultural heritage attract tourists from around the globe. The tourism industry’s growth in the region opens up opportunities for investment in the hospitality and accommodation sectors. This further increases the potential for commercial and residential investment.

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3 Best Apartment Projects in Peshawar 

Peshawar offers several popular prime apartment projects, including Deans City Peshawar, Saffron Heights, and Green Oaks Residencia. These apartments are designed with state-of-the-art facilities that provide an ideal blend of convenience, quality living, and potential for lucrative returns. Let us analyze these best apartment projects in Peshawar individually to see which suits your preferences. 

Green Oaks Residencia 

Best Apartment Projects in Peshawar Green Oaks Residencia

Green Oaks Residencia is a TMA-approved, 10-storey, state-of-the-art residential building located at Zoo Road, Qadir Abad, Peshawar, on a 2-minute drive from the University of Peshawar and Peshawar Zoo. It is one of the best apartment projects in Peshawar. The luxurious building is being constructed by the well-renowned Octa Group of Developers, a noteworthy construction company with several successful projects in UAE and Oman. Green Oaks Residencia is expected to be completed by December 2024.

You can easily reach Green Oaks Residencia via the University Town BRT station and the University of Peshawar BRT station.

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Project Highlights

  • Developers: Octa Group
  • Floors: 10
  • Units: 137 units (including 98 residential and 39 commercial units)
  • Purpose: Residential building
  • Location: Zoo Road, opposite Peshawar University, near Rahatabad Road, Qadir Abad, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 
  • NOC Status: TMAApproved

NOC Status

Green Oaks Residencia is a TMA-approved residential project in Rahatabad. It is also registered under the FBR Amnesty Scheme, adding to its credibility and making it a secure investment option for potential buyers.

Facilities and Amenities

  • Cargo Lifts and Passenger Lifts
  • Community Hall
  • Rooftop Restaurant
  • Gym
  • Children Play Area
  • Waiting Lounge 
  • Commercial Shops

Payment Plan

Green Oaks Residencia offers a flexible and convenient payment plan. With a 30% down payment and 36 monthly instalments, the investment in Green Oaks Residencia becomes more accessible for interested individuals.

Flat NumberSizeNo. of BedsTotal Price30% DownpaymentLeft Amount (24 month)
UG-A-06-1990.751990.753 BHK20,604,2636181,27914,422,984
FF-A-16-1278.821274.822 BHK13,194,3873,958,3169,236,071
SF-A-32-1278.461278.462 BHK13,232,0613,969,6189,262,877
3F-A-52-1274.881274.882 BHK13,195,0083,958,5029,236,506
4F-A-75-1278.461278.462 BHK13,232,0613,969,6189,262,443
5F-A-95-1278.4611842 BHK12,254,4003,676,3208,578,080
6F-A-1104-1145.81145.82 BHK11,859,0303,557,7098,301,321

Why Invest in Green Oaks Residencia?

Green Oaks Residencia is a fast-constructing apartment project in Peshawar. Its strategic location and modern facilities make it a hot investment.

  • TMA-Approved: Green Oaks Residencia is a TMA-approved project that ensures that the project meets all necessary regulatory standards, providing buyers with a secure and reliable investment opportunity.
  • Modern Amenities: It includes modern amenities such as cargo lifts, a community hall, a gym, a children’s play area, a rooftop restaurant, a waiting lounge, and commercial shops, enhancing the overall living experience and making it an attractive choice for potential residents and tenants.
  • Potential for Rental Income and Capital Appreciation: Its strategic location near the University of Peshawar and Peshawar Zoo, along with its luxurious features, presents the potential for rental income and long-term capital appreciation, making it a lucrative investment option.
  • Convenient Payment Plan: With a flexible payment plan consisting of a 30% down payment, 36 monthly instalments, and 10% on possession of units, Green Oaks Residencia offers an easy and convenient way for investors to manage their finances while securing a valuable asset.

Saffron Heights Peshawar

Saffron Heights Peshawar

Saffron Heights Peshawar is a 9-floor residential and commercial building located at the back of the University of Peshawar on main Rahatabad Road. It is developed by Safeer Builders and Developers. It is one of the best apartment projects in Peshawar. All the floors are well equipped with top-notch luxurious amenities. The location is ideal for the residents as many important landmarks like educational Institutes, healthcare centers, and commercial areas surround it.

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Project Highlights

  • Developers: Safeer Builders and Developers 
  • Units: 111 units (96 apartments and 15 shops)
  • Purpose: Mixed-use building
  • Location: Palosi Rd, Rahatabad Rahat Abad, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 
  • NOC Status: Approved

NOC Status

Saffron Heights is a NOC-approved apartment project. The NOC approval signifies that the development adheres to all the required safety and legal standards, ensuring a secure and reliable investment for those interested in the property.

Facilities and Amenities

  • Water Resources
  • Grocery Store
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Fast Elevators
  • Power Backup
  • Rooftop Sitting Area
  • Covered car parking

Payment Plan

Saffron Heights Peshawar offers an easy payment plan with a 25% downpayment and a 3-year (36-month) installment plan. It also offers a 10% discount on lumpsum amount. 

Unit No.Area (Sq.ft)Rate (Sq.ft)Total Price25% Down PaymentSemi-annual installments36-month installments
Apt 01 (2 Bed)1025.9495009,746,4302,436,607779,71473,098
Apt 04 (2 Bed667.6495006,342,6031,585,651507,40847,570
Apt 08 (3 Bed)980.5895008,315,4902,328,872745,23969,866

Why Invest in Saffron Heights?

Saffron Heights is nearing its completion. The project offers convenience and modern facilities.

  • Ideal Location: Saffron Heights is near the University of Peshawar on the main Rahatabad Road. It has easy access to key landmarks, healthcare, and education facilities, enhancing its value and convenience for residents and businesses.
  • Booking Price: With a low 10% booking price, the investment potential in Saffron Heights becomes more accessible, attracting potential buyers and investors looking for affordable yet promising real estate opportunities.
  • Well-known Developers: Saffron Heights is developed by Safeer Builders and Developers, a reputable and well-known name in Peshawar’s real estate market. Saffron Heights assures its investors a high construction quality and reliability standard.
  • Modern Amenities: Saffron Heights offers a wide range of top-notch facilities and amenities for residential and commercial purposes, making it an attractive option for those seeking a modern and comfortable living or business space.

Deans City Peshawar

Deans City Peshawar

Deans City Peshawar is an upcoming 9-floor state-of-the-art “largest high-rise residential building in Peshawar. It is one of the best apartment projects in Peshawar.

It will feature 486 apartments and is located on Ring Road Peshawar opposite the Sarhad University of Science and Information Technology, Peshawar, at a 0 km distance from Imtiaz Mega Peshawar and a 9-minute drive from Garhi Qamar Din BRT Bus Station.

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Project Highlights

  • Developers: Deans Group
  • Units: 486 units 
  • Purpose: Residential building
  • Location: Peshawar Ring Rd., Garhi Sikandar Khan Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
  • NOC Status: FBR Amnesty Scheme Registered

NOC Status

Deans City Peshawar is an FBR Amnesty Scheme registered project. Hence, it has obtained NOC. The developers are spending day and night to bring this luxurious project to life and make it one of the best apartment projects in Peshawar.

Facilities and Amenities

  • Covered car parking 
  • High-speed lifts
  • Restaurants
  • 24/7 CCTV surveillance
  • Play area

Payment Plan

Deans City Peshawar provides flexible and convenient payment options to make your dream of smart living a reality. The booking fee for Towers H, I, and K is just 15% with an easy 2.5-year (22 months) installment plan

The second booking after one month will be just 10%. The developmental charges are PKR 2,000,00 and will be paid on demand. Tri Tower offers a booking with 50% remaining in 6-month installments. The first booking is just 25%, and the second booking is also 25% after one month.

TowersBedroom SizeTotal UnitsSize (sq ft)Prices
K21621120 – 127011,200,000 – 12,700,000
I31081640 – 169016,400,000 – 16,900,000
Tri Tower2131128 – 124912,972,000 – 14,363,500
Tri Tower3151545 -174717,767,500 – 20,090,500

Why Invest in Deans City Peshawar?

Deans City is the latest apartment project, meaning it has the latest and modern facilities.

  • Growing Demand: Deans City Peshawar is witnessing a rising demand for residential properties due to its prime location and proximity to essential amenities, making it a promising investment opportunity.
  • Potential for Rental Income: Deans City offers excellent potential for generating rental income, attracting tenants seeking a comfortable and convenient living experience.
  • 24/7 Security: Residents of Deans City can enjoy peace of mind as the building provides round-the-clock security measures, ensuring a safe and secure living environment for all occupants.
  • Affordable Prices: Deans City stands out for its competitive and affordable pricing, making it an accessible option for homebuyers and investors looking to make the most of the property market in Peshawar.

The Bottom Line

Peshawar is a fast-growing residential hub in Pakistan. It offers state-of-the-art and the best apartment projects in Peshawar. If you want to invest in a property for rental purposes or get a dream apartment of your own, consider Peshawar.

If you want more information on Green Oaks Residencia and Saffron Heights, please contact Amanah.pk at UAN. 0331 111 0737 or reach out to us on our social media handles.


Which housing society is best in Peshawar?

Nova City and Bahria Town Peshawar are the best housing societies to invest in Peshawar.

Where to invest in Peshawar?

You should invest in Saffron Heights and Green Oaks Residencia Peshawar as they feature top-notch amenities, the latest facilities, and are the best apartment projects in Peshawar.

What is the new housing project in Peshawar?

New Peshawar Valley, Citi Housing Peshawar, and Bahria Town Peshawar are the new housing projects in Peshawar.

Where should I live in Peshawar?

You should live in Green Oaks Residencia in Rahatabad, Peshawar, as it is one of the best apartment projects in Peshawar. It has a strategic location near healthcare and education facilities.

Where is the new Peshawar city project located?

The New Peshawar Valley Housing Society is located on the southern side of the Nowshera-Peshawar border, around 13 km from the GT Road and Motorway interchange. 

Where to invest in Peshawar?

You must invest in Saffron Heights, Green Oaks Residencia, and Deans City as they are the best apartment projects in Peshawar.

Which are the rich areas in Peshawar?

The top localities in Peshawar for buying a house are Hayatabad, Warsak Road, Gulbahar, Regi Model Town, and Dalazak Road as these feature the best apartment projects in Peshawar.

Which is the best investment opportunity in real estate in Peshawar?

The best investment opportunities in real estate in Peshawar are Green Oaks Residencia and Saffron Heights Peshawar.

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