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CDA Imposes Unannounced Ban on Property Transfers

Ban on Property Transfers

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has recently imposed an unexpected ban on property transfers allotted to land affectees during the tenure of former Member Estate, Afnan Alam Khan. This decision has left numerous buyers in a state of uncertainty, impacting the transfer of ownership for plots acquired by individuals whose land was previously acquired by the CDA.

Land Affectees Left in Limbo

Ban on Property Transfers

CDA, through open auctions or direct allotments, provided plots to affected individuals, subsequently entering the open market. However, while the transfer of ownership for plots from open auctions remains unaffected, a sudden halt has been observed in the case of plots allotted to land-affected persons.

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Though there exists no formal written ban, the message received from higher authorities has distinctly indicated a pause in property ownership transfers for plots allocated during the tenure of the former Member Estate, leaving both buyers and sellers in a state of limbo.

Protests and Negotiations on Ban on Property Transfers

The real estate agents’ association has strongly reacted to this unannounced halt. In a collective protest at the CDA premises, they voiced their dissent against this sudden restriction in transferring titles for land affectees.

The association’s leadership also met with the Chairman CDA, Captain (Retired) Anwar-ul-Haq, and the incumbent Member Estate to express their concerns. Assurances were provided that a resolution would be reached soon.

Unveiling Investigations and Requests

Former Member Estate Afnan Alam Khan and several officers of the land and rehabilitation directorate are currently under investigation by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). The investigation pertains to an alleged fraudulent land allotment scandal worth billions of rupees in sector E-11.

The FIA, rather than focusing solely on the specific case, has requested comprehensive details of all allotments, changes of plot locations, and other data related to Afnan Alam’s tenure.

Impact on Pending Cases

The incumbent Member Estate, Tariq Salam Marwat, clarified that due to the ongoing investigation by the FIA, the processing of certain cases is presently on hold. However, the estate is prepared to handle pending cases once clearance is obtained from the FIA, aiming to avoid any complications regarding files under investigation.

The situation remains fluid, pending the resolution of investigations and the subsequent clearance from the FIA, assuring a cautious approach to prevent third-party rights on files under scrutiny.