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Islamabad Enforces Two-Day Ban on Drone Use

Ban on Drone Use

In a bid to enhance security measures, the city administration has imposed a two-day ban on flying and operating drones within the federal capital, Islamabad.

Ban on Drone Use Encompasses Public Events and Scenic Locations

Ban on Drone Use

This temporary ban on drone use encompasses various scenarios, including flying drones during ceremonies, public meetings, and even over the picturesque Margalla Hills. The decision was reached during an emergency security meeting led by the Inspector General (IG) of Police and attended by senior police officers.

Strict Enforcement Measures

To ensure strict compliance with the imposed ban, the city administration has issued instructions to all police officials. Violations of this order will not be taken lightly, as anyone found operating drones during the specified period may face legal repercussions, including the possibility of a police case.

The ban on drone usage underscores the significance of public safety and national security, particularly in the capital city. The restriction will be in effect for two days as security officials remain vigilant and prepared to respond to any potential threats.

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Final Words

These measures reflect the ongoing commitment of law enforcement agencies to safeguard the well-being of the public and the security of sensitive areas within Islamabad. The ban serves as a timely reminder of the need for collective responsibility in upholding security standards in the nation’s capital.