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Autograph by H&S | 7-Star Facilities | Location, Payment Plan, NOC.

Autograph by H&S

Autograph by H&S is an apartment project in the DHA 5 Sector of Lahore. It is focused on providing 7-star facilities in the form of luxurious service and amenities. It has 27 floors with Studio apartments, 2 bedroom flats, duplex, and triplex apartments.

The vision of Autograph by H&S

The vision of Autograph by H&S is to provide 7-star amenities to its residents so they have more time for work or leisure. Autograph provides a wide range of facilities to its residents to make their life easy and meet each and every need through its smart system and luxury facilities.

Autograph by H&S
Autograph by H&S

Smart Home Living

Autograph focuses on providing worry-free living through its smart system which provides easy management of your apartment through your smartphone. The apartment doors, lights, windows, and blinds are connected to the smart system for easy management.

Through the electronic management system, Autograph will truly have a smart system that will make the living better for its residents. So what is the benefit of having a smart system you may ask? There are many benefits but the major benefit is ease for citizens.

For example, the smart system can set timers for the cooling and heating systems which will only switch on when the timer is set, the kitchen appliances can also be set like this such as setting the time for the kettle or microwave to switch on.

Another aspect of the smart system is also the sensors which mean that when the owner leaves the property the lights are automatically switched off preserving electricity. The owner can also use their smartphone to monitor their house and lock or unlock their door for guests even when they are not at home. 

Apartment Options In Autograph by H&S

Autograph is designed for people from many walks of life whether they are single, a couple, or even one with kids. That’s why autograph provides options from a studio flat and 2-3 bedroom flats along with bigger 4-5 bedroom options for those looking for more space.

Studio suite of Autography by H&S

The one-bedroom apartment by Autograph has a master bedroom with an attached bathroom, a lounge area, kitchen, powder room, and balcony. The total area of the apartment range from 651.60-693 sq. ft.

2 Bedroom suite in Autograph hy H&S

The 2-bedroom apartment has 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, lounge area, kitchen, powder room, and balcony. The covered area of the 2-bedroom suite ranges from 1200-1453.20 sq. ft.

3 Bedroom suite in Autograph by H&S

The 3-bedroom royal suite has 3 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, dining room, kitchen, lounge, powder room, maid room with bath, and balcony. The covered area for the 3-bedroom suite is 2185.2-2906.4 sq. ft.

4 bedroom duplex in Autograph by H&S

The 4 bedroom option is a duplex with attached bathrooms for all bedrooms, a spacious lounge, dining area, kitchen, powder room, maid room with bath, and balcony. The total covered area for the duplex is 2846.4 sq. ft.

5 bedroom penthouse (sky mansion) in Autograph by H&S

The penthouses by Autograph have been dubbed “sky mansions” as they are a triplex with 5 ensuite bedrooms, a staircase and private elevator connecting each floor, a lounge area, private swimming pool, state-of-the-art kitchen, barbecue area, private steam area, and balcony.

The total covered area is 5928.32 sq. ft for the sky mansion penthouse.

Location of Autograph by H&S

The autograph is located in DHA Phase 5 Lahore, which is the most well-developed area in Lahore. It is nearby to the commercial area and major malls in the area. The nearest areas are:

  • 5-minutes away from all commercial centers of DHA 
  • 8-minutes away from Allama Iqbal international airport 
  • 20 minutes away from main Mall road and old Lahore 
  • 10 minutes away from Dolmen Mall
  • 5 minutes away from Penta square
  • 10 minutes away from Goldcrest mall
  • 20 minutes away from commercial hubs of Gulberg and liberty 
  • 20 minutes away from M2 Motorway, connecting all major cities 

The strategic location of Autograph means it is nearby to all main commercial areas and malls along with the motorway and airport.

Payment Plan of Autograph by H&S

Autograph by H&S has various categories each offering a diverse level of luxury to its residents. The payment plan for each category is described below.

Payment plan of Premium & Platinum Suites in Autograph:

The premium and platinum suites come with the option of one and two-bedroom apartments and are ideal for small families with kids. Its lounge has a gorgeous interior giving you a sense of pure comfort.

Payment plan of Royal Suites in Autograph:

The royal suites come only with the option of 3-Bedroom apartments. Its stunning interior gives a premium experience. It also has many luxurious amenities such as a balcony that assures a relaxed moment.

Payment plan of Duplex Signature Suites in Autograph:

The duplex signature suites come with the option of  3, 4, 5, and 6-Bedrooms apartments. The suites provide a sophisticated dining space and it also has a scenic view from the balcony.

Payment plan of Sky Mansions in Autograph:

The sky mansions are the executive class suites that come only with the option of five-bedroom apartments. These are the perfect reflection of luxury and class. The amenities in these suites are lavishing such as a Bar-Be-Que area and a private elevator.

Amenities in Autography by H&S

Autograph by H&S has different amenities that ensures that you get a premium quality living with a visionary lifestyle having a touch of luxury. The project is an all-round special and unique but some of its amenities are very in-demand and will blow your mind.

Some of the amenities of Autgraph by H&S has been given below:

Cafe & restaurant

A cafe and restaurant with well-trained chefs will give you options for eating different types of cuisines. No matter your preference you can find something to your liking. The ambiance, food options, and exquisite taste will definitely satisfy your cravings.

Swimming pool

The swimming pool facilities available in Autograph will definitely meet the luxury living requirements of those who always wanted a swimming pool close by but the lack of swimming pools always disappointed them.

Fitness center

A state-of-the-art fitness center that includes all the latest machinery for workouts will be available. For gym enthusiasts, you can utilize the gym with all the cardio machines and muscle workout machines.

Spa and sauna

For many, the meaning of luxury is untold ease but for others it is having each and every amenity which is available abroad. A spa and sauna are an addition to almost all luxury societies as people of all ages are more aware of their benefits and wish to use them. 


A library is a great resource for those who love to read whether it be the latest bestseller or a classic. The library will boast a wide selection of fiction and nonfiction books for all ages. When you want to read in a relaxing environment you can go to the library.

Multi-purpose sports facilities

Sports facilities ranging from table tennis, foosball, and billiards to squash courts will be available for use by the residents who want to use their leisure time to play some sports. 

Kids play area

For families with children, having a place to play and do multiple activities is a must as children want and need to play. The kid’s play area with different types of activities and well-trained staff means parents can be assured of the fun and safety of their children.


The salon with its well-trained beauty therapists will be a godsend for the residents. The salon will be unisex so both males and females can avail the services.

Room service

Room service facilities will be available whereby all citizens can order food to be delivered to their door at any time of day. The food will be freshly cooked by the master chefs and delivered hot to the door of any resident. 

CCTV and security 

24-hour CCTV surveillance along with foolproof security is a prerequisite for a living space that promises luxury and safety. Autograph has CCTV cameras covering all major areas of its complex which are monitored by its security team 24/7 for the safety of its residents.

Power backup

In a country like Pakistan where there is regular load-shedding, providing backup power for the best real estate companies is a must as you cannot have luxury without first reliable electricity. The backup power means no load shedding is faced by citizens of Autograph.

Praying area

A clean praying area for both men and women will be available for all residents of Autograph. To facilitate all types of persons including the elderly and disabled, easy access to the area will be a priority.

Valet parking

Valet parking for those who don’t want to waste their time in parking lots will be a great service. So Autograph will hire valets who will ensure you get your car in a timely manner without any fuss and hassle.


Another service that saves time and hassle for Autograph residents will be the laundry service. Staff will ensure all your laundry is done timely without any issue. They will also pick and drop off your laundry timely to save even more time.

Private butler

A luxury service, the private butler is one hire who can look after everything in your household which includes cleaning, maintenance, looking after guests and family members, etc. This service will be of great use for those who buy the penthouse.

Central cooling and heating

A central cooling and heating system is one of the major aspects of smart living promised by Autograph. The system is much better than conventional systems in regulating temperature and is more efficient. 

High-speed lifts

The huge complex with 27 floors means that having high-speed elevators is best as they add to the luxury aspect and don’t waste the time of the residents. No matter where your apartment is in the complex you will have easy access to an elevator.

Conference room

A conference room is available for residents who wish to conduct meetings with business leaders or just friends. It has seating arrangements for a large number of people and can be booked in advance when needed.

Advantages of investing in Autograph by H&S

High rental potential

If we consider the central location of Autograph and the level of construction with the 7-star amenities it has to offer, the rental potential for the area and Autograph apartments is very attractive. The rental prospects for investors are guaranteed with competitive rates.

Housing in the area has very competitive rental prices due to the abundance of malls and commercial areas near DHA Phase 5 along with the level of well-developed infrastructure means there are a large number of tenants always available to rent any property in the area.  

Due to the level of security and luxurious lifestyle available in Autograph, it will always be a first choice for the top-level tenants who want the best life and are not worried about finances. These tenants will always pay well and pay on time without fuss.

Luxury living

The look of Autograph, along with all its security, smart system, and 7-star amenities makes it the epitome of a luxurious lifestyle. Citizens who opt for this investment will no doubt be highly satisfied with the collective perks of living in Autograph.

Even the investor who wishes to invest in Autograph can expect to get their property rented straight away due to the type of target market Autograph. They will be really attracted to living in Autograph with all the luxury it entails for any cost.

All the amenities 

Autograph has a great many facilities which when put together make it the most attractive place to live whether you are single or with a family of multiple persons. The apartments are available in both small and larger sizes to accommodate all types of families. 

The children’s play areas, library, restaurant, gym, and sporting complex mean residents will have a wide variety of activities to do at any given time so there is no issue of being bored. The best part is all these facilities are always there right next to the apartments for easy access without the need for a long commute.

Strategic location

Autograph is situated in DHA phase 5 which is the best-developed area of Lahore, meaning all the best malls are very near. The airport and motorway are also a few minutes drive, which means linkage to other cities is easiest. 

The location is very attractive which means the view from the Autograph building shows all the malls and developed areas nearby. you can just watch the hustle and bustle of Lahore while you relax from your balcony.

Naturally airy, well ventilated, and privacy

Privacy is a priority for the builders of Autograph. That is why each corridor has only 2 apartments opposite each other and cornered apartments mean that there is the highest level of privacy for residents.

The building has well-ventilated floors with natural lighting due to the open corridors. This along with the green areas both inside and outside make for a great atmosphere that gives off a natural look. The building also has fresh air handling units in the building which will ensure clean air inside the building at all times.

Autograph by H&S PRICE PLANS

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To conclude Autograph by H&S Lahore is one of the best options for investors and homeowners alike. It has the best location, and all the amenities, is near to all major shopping malls and schools, and has a high demand for rentals. The best part is that the project is expected to finish in just about 2 years’ time so it will be available to rent very soon. 

Invest now to get the best price because once it’s finished, the price will increase exponentially. Give us a call and we will assist you with the best option that is available to you. We are a shariah-compliant company so our focus is giving you the best deal.



What is the expected date of completion for this project?

The expected completion date is by December, 2024

How many floors are in Autograph?

Total: 21 floors, 3 basement floors, ground floor, mezzanine floor and 17 floors with apartments

16th floor for duplexes

17th floor for triplexes

What are the options for apartments?

  • 1 bedroom apartment
  • 2 bedroom apartment
  • 3 bedroom apartment
  • 4 bedroom duplex
  • 5 bedroom triplex

All apartments have attached bathrooms with bedrooms, a balcony area, and a powder room.

What features does the penthouse have?

The triplex sky villa has:

  •  5 bedrooms with an attached bathroom
  • a maid room
  • Study room
  • Home theater room
  • Kitchen  
  • Double height living area on two floors
  • Balcony

The special additions are:

  • A swimming pool
  • Barbecue area
  • Sauna room
  • Private elevator
  • Fireplace  

Is there backup electricity in case of load shedding?

Yes, Autograph has its own backup power so there is no load shedding in the building.

How much parking space is available?

1-2 Bedroom apartments- 1 Parking space

3-4 Bedroom apartments- 2 parking spaces

Triplex- 3 parking spaces

Parking for visitors- 30 spaces

Will there be a gas connection in Autograph apartments?

Our cooking hoods use gas for cooking, so gas connections will be available for cooking purposes.

What are the security arrangements for the apartments?

CCTV cameras in the parking lot and entrance lobbies are monitored by security.

Security at the parking lot and entrance.

Car access to the parking lot so only residents can enter the parking area.

The entrance and elevators also require resident cards to access 

What are the precautions in case of an emergency?

1 dedicated emergency staircase is available in case of fire.

4 pressurized fire escapes 

Elevators for firemen in case of fire

Published by: Hammad Shah 

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