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Arizon City Islamabad | Payment Plan | NOC | All Details

Arizon City Islamabad

Arizon City Islamabad is to be launched soon in Islamabad. It is expected to be a grand housing society with multiple modern amenities. The developers of the society have not yet revealed themselves on any digital or other platforms. We have witnessed many celebrities talking about it on social media. So, the hype is real.

Arizon City Islamabad

Arizon City Islamabad 1% Scheme

The developers have not disclosed any information related to the project rather than the 1% scheme. They have publicly asked people about “What can you buy in 1%?” This 1% scheme is a big element of their marketing strategy as it creates suspense in minds of people and side by side they are helping people remember the project’s and brand’s name unintentionally. This one percent could be the starting down payment, plot installments, or anything. 

Arizon City NOC Approval

NOC approval raises the project’s worth from 1 to directly 10. Because it is the surety that this particular project is safe to buy the property or invest in. 

If Arizon City Islamabad gets launched with NOC approval then it will be a great deal for the awaited folks. But as we all know that NOC approval and acquisition takes a long process. Let’s hope for the best with our fingers crossed.

Arizon City Islamabad Location

The location of the project is also not yet revealed. But if we look at the name of the project, we can see that it is located somewhere in Islamabad and it will be near New International Islamabad Airport. The project will be revealed with a prime location surrounded by multiple convenient landmarks and areas.

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Arizon City Islamabad Masterplan

The masterplan of Arizon City is expected to include all the basic and recreational amenities because the absence of any one of these violates CDA’s laws. Plus, if the developers want to compete in the market then they have to bring some grand and unique projects in this society besides their 1% scheme. Because all the other well-known societies offer something unique and extraordinary. So, we expect Arizon City Islamabad to bring more luxury and creativity to our sight. It might offer the following sizes of residential plots:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Arizon City Islamabad Payment Plan

The payment plan of Arizon City Islamabad is expected to be highly affordable if we think about their 1% scheme. But let’s just not think too early. We’ll update you all about the payment plan as soon as we get any relevant information. But here is the expected payment plan for the interested folks.

Here we have assumed a 3 years payment plan but there can be a four or five years payment plan as well.

Arizon City Payment Plan
Arizon City Payment Plan

Residential Plots Payment Plan

Plot SizeTotal Price Down Payment Confirmation 48 Monthly Installments
5 Marla10000001200008000010500
10 Marla180000022200014900018500
1 Kanal355000042600028440035500

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Document Requires for Plot Booking

Documents that are required for the booking of the plots are

●     CNIC copy of the buyer

●     CINC copy of the next of kin

●     2 Passport size pictures of the buyer

Document Requires for Plot Booking

Arizon City Islamabad Facilities and Amenities

CDA is very strict in case of not enough necessary and recreational facilities in the society. In 2022 some of the societies got there NOC canceled because of having only residential and commercial areas and having no or very less recreational areas. So, there will be all the necessary amenities along with the luxurious facilities as mentioned below:

Arizon City Islamabad Facilities and Amenities

Water Resources

Water is a fundamental need of the human body and they cannot survive without it. So there should be considerable arrangements for water supply. There should be enough pure and clean drinking water. Plus, water for daily chores must be supplied without any kind of interruption. The developers are expected to install water filtration plants and reservoirs to supply and save water.

Power Supply

Electricity load shedding is a major problem in Pakistan’s economy and society. But people move to newly launched housing societies because they claim to provide 24/7 power supply through alternative methods such as solar parks and solar panels. So, we expect Arizon City Islamabad to provide a 24/7 supply of electricity. 

Grand Mosque

Any Pakistani housing society is incomplete without a mosque. Because Muslims visit there 5 times a day to pray. Even nowadays, developers especially focus on building Mosques with the most comfortable facilities like furnished accommodation for Imam and pupils, installed HVAC, security cameras, fully carpeted floors, installed geysers, and many more. So, there should be a grand Mosque with all the listed facilities.

Security Services and Staff

People seek a fully secured place to live where there is no fear of thefts, robberies, snatching or other crimes. So, this society will have CCTV cameras and control rooms to record and check any suspicious person or situation. Plus, all streets and corners will have security guards on duty to protect people.

Fully Gated Community

It is expected to be a fully gated community with proper entrance & exit gates with guards, checking systems, and boundary walls. Usually in this type of society, the guards check every person or vehicle entering or leaving the society.

Carpeted Roads and Wide Main Boulevard

There will be fully carpeted Roads constructed according to modern measures and road mapping rules. The main boulevard of the society will be wide enough to prevent traffic jams, traffic congestion, and road accidents. The roads will have plants and trees on the sides and dividers.

Efficient Waste Disposal and Sewerage System

The developers are expected to construct a perfect sewerage and waste disposal system to prevent any sort of plumbing and sewerage issues in road pipelines, residential areas, and commercial areas. There will be proper arrangements for the maintenance of the waste disposal system and sewerage system.

Commercial Zone

The commercial zone of Arizon City Islamabad will have all kinds of shops and outlets to fulfill the needs of residents and visitors. There will be local and international brands to offer quality products and services.

Sports Grounds / Courts

Any housing society is incomplete without sports grounds and gaming zones. So, there will be various sports grounds for football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, and many more games. 

Recreational Parks

Recreational Parks are the most demanded facility by parents for their children. The parks will have children’s swings, plants, flowers, benches, fountains, and walking tracks.

Educational Institutes

Quality educational institutes will be part of this society because people often change their location because of the non-availability of education facilities. The Institutes have to be well equipped with all the amenities and facilities like science labs, computer labs, playgrounds, qualified teachers, security arrangements, and cafeterias.

Healthcare Facilities

Staying healthy is the right of every person. So the presence of any healthcare center would be a great convenience for the residents to get medical treatment timely.


People want to bury their deceased loved ones near their residences. So, many housing societies allocate a part of the land area for a graveyard. It is expected to find a graveyard in the master plan of Arizon City Islamabad also.

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Arizon City Islamabad is an upcoming real estate project. The expected location of this marvelous housing society is near New Islamabad International Airport. The developers have not disclosed their identity and not even the location and other features. But the 1% campaign we have discussed has created much hype in the real estate industry. 

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