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Rawalpindi Launches Anti-Smog Road-Washing Drive


To combat the looming threat of smog, the district administration in Rawalpindi has initiated a road-washing drive as part of an extensive anti-smog campaign. The campaign, spearheaded by the Rawalpindi Waste Management Company (RWMC), commenced with the formal washing of the renowned Sixth Road in Rawalpindi City on Tuesday.

Rawalpindi Launches Anti-Smog Campaign


The ambitious drive aims to cleanse all major roads in the city, employing a fleet of resources including mechanical washers, mechanical sweepers, and tractor-pulled sweeper machines. Rawalpindi Commissioner Liaqat Ali Chatha underscored the drive’s primary objective of eliminating smog in the city, emphasizing the importance of collective responsibility in achieving this goal.

Commissioner Chatha disclosed that, in conjunction with the road-washing efforts, approximately 10,000 large diesel vehicles were fined for emitting excessive smoke. He emphasized the mandatory requirement for vehicles to possess the Vehicle Inspection and Certification System (VICS) non-objection certificate to traverse the roads, reinforcing the commitment to reduce air pollution.

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Citizen involvement was stressed by Commissioner Chatha, who urged residents to support the RWMC’s initiatives by refraining from burning garbage, using water to suppress dust, and promptly repairing vehicles emitting smoke. Rawalpindi Waste Management Company, in collaboration with various organizations, is actively engaged in smog elimination efforts, and citizens were encouraged to contribute by maintaining cleanliness in their surroundings.

To streamline citizen complaints related to sanitation, Commissioner Chatha provided the helpline number 1139 and encouraged the use of the Clean Rawalpindi app and RWMC‘s social media accounts for filing complaints.

During his inspection of the road-washing drive on Sixth Road, Commissioner Chatha was accompanied by RWMC Chairman Saqib Rafiq and CEO Rana Sajid. Saqib Rafiq highlighted that, in compliance with orders from the Chief Secretary Punjab and under the directives of the Rawalpindi commissioner, the road-washing drive was initiated to actively combat smog and promote a cleaner environment. An anti-smog awareness camp was also established on Sixth Road to inform and engage the local community in the ongoing efforts.