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CDA Continues its Anti-Encroachment Drive in Islamabad

anti-encroachment drive

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) continued its relentless anti-encroachment drive to ensure the unhindered progress of development projects across the city. In a significant move, the Enforcement Directorate, with support from other departments, conducted a series of operations to eliminate illegal encroachments near NUST University, Sector I-12/2 and I-12/3. The operation was carried out using heavy machinery, and it is evident that no one is immune from the strict implementation of anti-encroachment drive measures.

Anti-Encroachment Drive

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These encroachments in Sector I-12/2 and I-12/3 had long been a roadblock to the development work in the area. As a result of the extensive operation, a whopping 300 kanals of land were successfully cleared and handed over to the development sector, accelerating the pace of various development projects.

CDA’s Efforts to Resolve Complaints

The CDA has also considered public complaints from Rawal Town, demonstrating a solid resolve to combat encroachments. Several trucks and counters were dismantled, and four truckloads of confiscated goods were a stern warning to those who encroach on public spaces. In addition, a comprehensive crackdown on fruit stalls and other encroachments in parking areas and streets effectively removed these obstacles, ensuring that the public’s convenience and safety remain a top priority.

CDA Anti-Encroachment Drive

Sector F-7 also witnessed significant action as the authorities took on the mafia encroaching on car parking by placing various counters, including rickshaws. This unlawful occupation had led to severe parking problems in the area. The anti-encroachment staff conducted extensive operations to eliminate these encroachments, seizing four truckloads of goods. With the passage and parking area cleared, the public can enjoy hassle-free access to this city.

The CDA also sealed dozens of buildings in the GT Road Zone Two to maintain the sanctity of building by-laws. Notices were issued to the owners, reminding them of the importance of adhering to building regulations and meeting safety standards. The CDA’s firm stance on building regulations aims to create safer and more orderly urban spaces for the residents of Islamabad.

Final Words

The CDA’s anti-encroachment campaign clearly states that illegal encroachments will not be tolerated, regardless of their nature or location. These efforts are essential to ensure the city’s sustainable development and to maintain public spaces for the benefit of all citizens. The recent operations have removed obstructions and demonstrated the CDA’s commitment to ensuring a better quality of life for Islamabad’s residents.