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Caretaker PM Orders Enhanced Security and Anti-Drug Measures in Islamabad

Anti-Drug Measures

Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar has issued directives to bolster security measures and anti-drug measures in Islamabad and take decisive action against individuals involved in the supply of drugs in and around educational institutions. 

This significant move was announced following a high-level meeting presided over by PM Kakar, which focused on a range of administrative and law enforcement matters, as well as the city’s anti-narcotics strategy.

Anti-Drug Measures

Addressing Law and Order Challenges

The meeting, which took place on Monday, brought together senior government officials, including the caretaker interior minister, to discuss various key issues concerning the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). Among the prominent topics were administrative challenges, the prevailing law and order situation, and strategies to combat narcotics-related issues.

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Caretaker Prime Minister Kakar, during the meeting, emphasized the need for special measures to enhance the security of educational institutions and called for the establishment of the Dolphin Force in Islamabad. The Dolphin Force is a specialized police unit focused on maintaining law and order.

Other Agendas 

During the meeting, attendees were also briefed on matters related to encroachments, ongoing development projects initiated by the Capital Development Authority (CDA), and the performance of the Islamabad police. PM Kakar specifically directed action against car showrooms located in various parts of the city that have been causing traffic congestion and pedestrian safety concerns.

The meeting further revealed that 160 new buses would soon be introduced to the city, aimed at improving the effectiveness of the public transport system.

As part of a broader effort to modernize administrative processes, the prime minister instructed officials to establish a centralized digital system for registering vehicles in all cities.

In the context of Margalla National Park, PM Kakar stressed the importance of conducting a comprehensive operation against encroachments on CDA lands, including those in Margalla National Park.

The meeting also highlighted the successful implementation of the e-challan system in Islamabad, which employs modern technology and safe city cameras to enforce traffic fines and maintain road safety.

Caretaker Prime Minister Kakar, expressing grave concern, stated that drug peddlers posed a significant threat to the youth and the future of Pakistan. He announced that Interior Minister Sarfaraz Bugti would personally oversee the operation to eliminate drug peddling within educational institutions, ensuring the safety and well-being of students.

Bilateral Talks with Canada and WHO

In separate meetings, Caretaker PM Kakar engaged in discussions with Canadian High Commissioner Leslie Scanlon and WHO country representative Dr. Palitha Mahipala. The talks covered various aspects of Canada-Pakistan bilateral relations, humanitarian support post-2022 floods, economic and trade ties, investments, healthcare access, and collaboration on public health initiatives.

Prime Minister Kakar highlighted the government’s efforts to stabilize the economy and facilitate foreign investment through the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC). He also emphasized the commitment to repatriate illegal foreigners.

In discussions with WHO country representative Dr. Palitha Mahipala, the caretaker PM reaffirmed the government’s dedication to ensuring citizens’ access to basic healthcare. He noted that mobile health clinics and ambulances provided by the WHO would enhance primary healthcare facilities for people, even in remote areas.