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Amanah Square Faisal Hills Islamabad | NOC | Location | Payment Plan

Amanah Square Faisal Hills Islamabad

Amanah Square Faisal Hills is an upcoming 7-storey residential building located in the Executive Block of Faisal Hills Islamabad. Situated at a 2-minute distance from GT Road and 10 minutes from Margalla Road, Amanah Square embodies elegance, luxury, and sustainability, drawing inspiration from the sophistication of Fairmont Moscow. With its premium amenities, scenic surroundings, and commitment to sustainable living, Amanah Square Faisal Hills Islamabad sets a new standard for modern urban living in Islamabad.

Amanah Square draws inspiration from the timeless elegance and refined architecture of Fairmont Moscow. Like its muse, Amanah Square exudes a sense of grandeur and sophistication, evident in its sleek design and attention to detail. From the exterior facade to the interior finishes, every aspect of Amanah Square reflects the ethos of luxury and excellence.

Amanah Square Faisal Hills Islamabad Owners and Developers

Amanah Square is the project of Amanah.pk, Pakistan’s first Shariah-compliant real estate company. With a wealth of experience spanning several years in the industry, Amanah.pk has established itself as a trailblazer in providing innovative solutions in asset management, real estate investment, and wealth generation services. 

Amanah.pk’s unwavering commitment to Shariah compliance ensures that every aspect of their projects adheres to Islamic principles and ethical standards, setting them apart as leaders in the realm of halal investment opportunities. Among their notable projects are 

Each project is a testament to their dedication to excellence and integrity in the real estate sector. As the driving force behind Amanah Square, Amanah.pk promises to deliver not just a building, but an icon of luxury, sustainability, and ethical investment in Islamabad’s skyline.

Amanah Square Faisal Hills Islamabad NOC Status 

Amanah Square Faisal Hills Islamabad is on the verge of making its mark as an epitome of opulent urban living. While its launch is imminent, it’s noteworthy that Faisal Hills has already obtained the necessary No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), ensuring full compliance with legal regulations. This ensures that the project maintains the highest standards of safety and quality.

Amanah Square Faisal Hills Islamabad Location

Amanah Square Faisal Hills Islamabad is located on Plot no. 28 Executive Block Faisal Hills Islamabad. Situated in the picturesque surroundings of Faisal Hills, Amanah Square boasts breathtaking views of Islamabad’s natural beauty. Surrounded by lush greenery and rolling hills, the building offers residents a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Amanah Square Faisal Hills Islamabad Accessibility

  • A 2-minute drive from GT Road.
  • A 10-minute drive from Margalla Road.
  • A 10-minute drive from M-1 Motorway
  • A 15-minute drive from UET Taxila
  • A 20-minute drive from Islamabad International Airport.

Amanah Square Faisal Hills Islamabad Nearby Apartments

  • ZN Tower 1
  • Hills Icon
  • Tycoon Tower
  • Panorama Hills
  • Skylite 63
  • Skylite 109

Amanah Square Faisal Hills Islamabad Master Plan

The master plan of Amanah Square encompasses seven meticulously designed stories, each exuding elegance and functionality. This architectural marvel seamlessly integrates residential spaces and commercial shops, offering a harmonious blend of convenience and sophistication.

The residential areas are thoughtfully crafted to provide residents with optimal comfort and privacy, while the commercial shops on the ground floor present an array of retail and dining options at residents’ doorstep. With its innovative design and strategic layout, Amanah Square Faisal Hills Islamabad promises to redefine the skyline of Faisal Hills, setting new standards for urban living in Islamabad.

Amanah Square Faisal Hills Islamabad Payment Plan

Amanah Square Faisal Hills Islamabad introduces a convenient payment plan for its residential and commercial units, making luxury living and business ownership more accessible. Prospective buyers can avail themselves of the opportunity with a modest 30% down payment, followed by convenient monthly installments spread over 30 months.

This flexible payment scheme ensures that individuals can secure their dream home or business space without undue financial strain, reflecting Amanah Square’s commitment to providing accessible and inclusive real estate solutions in the heart of Islamabad.

FloorTypeSize in Sq. ftRate per Sq. ftTotal Amount in PKR30% Down Payment30 Monthly InstallmentsPossession
Lower GroundShops48040,00019,200,0005,760,000381,3332,000,000
1st-5th Floor1 Bed Apartment55014,0007,700,0002,310,000157,000680,000
1st-5th Floor2 Bed Apartment93014,00013,020,0003,906,000260,0001,314,000

Amanah Square Faisal Hills Islamabad Facilities and Amenities

Amanah Square Faisal Hills Islamabad offers residents and visitors premium amenities designed to elevate their living experience. The building features state-of-the-art facilities, including a modern fitness center, swimming pool, and recreational areas. With 24/7 security and concierge services, Amanah Square ensures the safety and convenience of its occupants at all times.

Healthcare Facilities

Amanah Square prioritizes the well-being of its residents by offering state-of-the-art healthcare facilities within the premises. Residents can access top-notch medical services without leaving the comfort of their community, ensuring prompt and efficient healthcare delivery in times of need.

Community Center

The community center at Amanah Square serves as a focal point for social interaction and communal activities. Residents can gather for events, meetings, and recreational activities, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie within the vibrant community of Amanah Square.

Gated Community

Security and privacy are paramount at Amanah Square, which is why it boasts a gated community setup. With round-the-clock security surveillance and controlled access points, residents can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their safety and privacy are well-protected within the confines of their exclusive enclave.

Playing Area and Parks

Amanah Square provides ample recreational spaces for residents of all ages to unwind and enjoy outdoor activities. From children’s play areas to beautifully landscaped parks, there’s something for everyone to explore and indulge in amidst the lush greenery and scenic surroundings of Amanah Square.

Sustainable Living

Amanah Square is committed to sustainable living and environmental stewardship. The building incorporates eco-friendly features such as energy-efficient lighting, water-saving fixtures, and solar panels to reduce its carbon footprint. 

Additionally, Amanah Square promotes recycling and waste management practices to minimize environmental impact. By embracing sustainable principles, Amanah Square not only contributes to a greener future but also provides residents with a healthier and more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Amanah Square Faisal Hills Islamabad Salient Features

  • Scenic Location
  • Sustainable Living
  • Panoramic Views
  • Safe and Secure
  • Elevator
  • 24/7 Security
  • Basic Utilities
  • Parking Space
  • Modern Architectural Design

Reasons to Invest in Amanah Square Faisal Hills Islamabad

  • High ROI
  • Prime Location
  • Prestigious Development By Amanah.Pk
  • Shariah-Compliant Investment Opportunity.
  • High-Quality Construction 
  • Flexible Payment Plans 
  • Potential For High Rental Yields And Capital Appreciation.
  • Gated Community With Round-The-Clock Security.

Amanah Square Faisal Hills Islamabad Booking Procedure

To initiate the booking process for your unit at Amanah Square in Faisal Hills, Islamabad, you have several convenient options available:

  1. Contact Amanah.pk: Reach out to Amanah.pk directly by calling +923311111979. Our dedicated team will guide you through the booking procedure, answer any queries you may have, and assist you in selecting the perfect unit that aligns with your preferences and requirements.
  2. Visit the Official Website: Explore the official website of Amanah.pk, to gain comprehensive information about Amanah Square. Here, you can browse through available units, view floor plans, check out amenities, and familiarize yourself with the project details. The website serves as a valuable resource to help you make an informed decision before proceeding with the booking process.
  3. In-Person Consultation: If you prefer a face-to-face consultation, you can visit our office, conveniently located at Office No. 1, Second Floor, A&K Plaza, near MCB Bank Limited and D. Watson, F-10 Markaz, F-10/3, Islamabad. By visiting our office, you can discuss your investment goals, review available options, and receive personalized guidance from their expert team.

Whether you choose to contact us via phone, visit our website, or meet us in person at our office, you can rest assured that you’ll receive professional assistance every step of the way. Amanah.pk is committed to ensuring a seamless and transparent booking experience for investors interested in Amanah Square, making it easier for you to secure your investment in this prestigious development.

Why Invest with Amanah?

Embracing your values while pursuing financial aspirations is a paramount decision. Amanah.pk, Pakistan’s First Shariah Compliant Real Estate Advisory, offers an investment model that resonates with integrity and ethical principles. Our 100% Shariah Compliant Real Estate Investment Model is a testament to our commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethics and transparency.

With Amanah Square Faisal Hills Islamabad, we embody meticulous adherence to Shariah guidelines. These principles form the cornerstone of our approach:

  • No Monthly Rental Returns: Our model respects Shariah principles by abstaining from offering monthly rental returns, ensuring ethical and Shariah-compliant practices.
  • No Trading without Delivery: Upholding the highest levels of integrity, we avoid any trading involving units that are not yet delivered or possessed, safeguarding your investments.
  • Ethical Marketing Practices: Our marketing and sales endeavors prioritize Shariah compliance, refraining from non-halal practices and music to provide a morally sound experience.
  • No Markup: Transparent and fair dealings are paramount to us – we don’t request or charge any markup, assuring ethical business interactions.
  • No Music, No Female Faces: In accordance with Shariah guidelines, we abstain from using music in our marketing and exclude female faces, ensuring ethical communication and representation.

All our contracts undergo rigorous scrutiny by a Shariah Board, ensuring they align seamlessly with your faith. Additionally, our commitment extends beyond profit:

  • Sustainable Practices: We plant trees for our clients, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer the best competitive prices to ensure your investment yields genuine value.

With Amanah Square, we uphold the promise of efficiency and functionality. Our upfront pricing strategy eliminates the need for negotiation – the best price is offered from the outset. This opportunity is a testament to the achievable standards showcased by our successfully delivered projects in the area. Our dedication ensures you can always rely on us for your investment endeavors.

Investing with Amanah.pk transcends mere financial gains – it signifies a partnership rooted in ethics, transparency, and value-driven principles.


In the bustling landscape of Islamabad’s real estate market, Amanah Square emerges as a beacon of luxury, sophistication, and sustainability. Inspired by the elegance of Fairmont Moscow, this seven-story architectural marvel is set to redefine urban living in Faisal Hills. From its prime location to its premium amenities, Amanah Square offers a holistic living experience that transcends conventional standards.

With a commitment to Shariah compliance and ethical real estate practices, Amanah.pk, the driving force behind Amanah Square, ensures that every aspect of the project reflects integrity and excellence. Embrace luxury, embrace sustainability, and embrace a new standard of living with Amanah Square Faisal Hills Islamabad.


What makes Amanah Square stand out from other real estate developments in Islamabad?

Amanah Square distinguishes itself with its prime location in Faisal Hills, premium amenities, commitment to sustainability, and Shariah-compliant approach, setting a new standard for luxury living in Islamabad.

Can I purchase both residential and commercial units at Amanah Square?

Yes, Amanah Square offers a range of residential apartments and commercial shops, providing investors with diverse options to suit their preferences and investment goals.

What payment plans are available for purchasing a unit at Amanah Square?

Amanah Square offers flexible payment plans, typically requiring a 30% down payment followed by convenient monthly installments spread over a specified period, making ownership accessible to a wide range of investors.

Are there healthcare facilities available within Amanah Square?

Yes, Amanah Square Faisal Hills Islamabad prioritizes the well-being of its residents by providing access to modern healthcare facilities within the premises, ensuring prompt and efficient medical services when needed.

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