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Government Plans to Introduce 78 Feeder Buses in Rawalpindi

78 Feeder Buses in Rawalpindi

The Punjab caretaker government has unveiled plans to launch a fleet of 78 feeder buses in Rawalpindi on six new routes next month, aiming to bolster connectivity for Rawalpindi residents to the metro bus service between Islamabad and the garrison city.

Initiative of 78 Feeder Buses in Rawalpindi

78 Feeder Buses in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatha told that the provincial government intends to deploy feeder buses to connect people from various areas with metro stations spanning from Saddar to Faizabad. The initial phase of the feeder routes project will see 78 buses operating on six designated routes, each strategically linking to metro bus stations.

The identified routes and their allocated buses include:

1. Rawat Mandi Morr to Saddar (9km) – 12 buses

2. Islamabad Expressway (Koral Chowk) to Marrir Chowk – 16 buses

3. Dhok Kashmirian to Liaquat Bagh via Tipu Road – 12 buses

4. Dhoke Kashmirian to Chandani Chowk (7km) – 12 buses

5. Pirwadahi Morr to Marrir Chowk via GT Road – 11 buses

6. Faizabad to IJP Road to Khanna Pul – 15 buses

With over 110,000 daily commuters between Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the feeder buses aim to enhance public transportation convenience. For shorter distances, fares will be waived for metro bus cardholders, while others will be charged a nominal fare of Rs20.

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Commissioner Chatha emphasized that the project’s objective is to provide hassle-free public transport, and additional feeder bus routes are anticipated in the future. The commissioner also revealed plans to connect Islamabad airport with city areas through a new bus service.

Other Steps Taken by the Commissioner 

Commissioner Chatha inaugurated a new route from Soan Bridge to the Fruit and Vegetable Market in Rawat in a separate initiative. Recognizing the city’s need for a dedicated fresh produce market, a 6.5-acre vegetable and fruit market has been established near Rawat. The commissioner mentioned ongoing improvements and expansion plans for the market, aiming to offer lower prices compared to the market rates.

As part of the first phase, route permits have been issued for 20 vehicles. Security measures, including the deployment of security guards and cleaners, have been implemented to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for customers.

Commissioner Chatha expressed gratitude to transporters for their cooperation in establishing the market and announced the formation of a committee to address citizens’ concerns and enhance market services.