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20 Uplift Schemes Approved for Rawalpindi Division

20 Uplift Schemes Approved

The Divisional Development Working Party (DDWP) has approved 20 uplift schemes for the Rawalpindi division under the Annual Development Programme for the Rawalpindi Division. During a meeting chaired by Rawalpindi Division Commissioner Laiqat Ali Chatha, revised approvals were issued, with a primary focus on ensuring the seamless continuation of these vital projects.

20 Uplift Schemes Approved 

20 Uplift Schemes Approved

The approved schemes encompassed a wide array of development areas, with 11 projects falling under the jurisdiction of the highways department, 6 under the public health department, and 3 under the building department.

Commissioner Chatha, presiding over the meeting, directed the deputy commissioners responsible for these schemes to maintain constant vigilance over their status and make regular site visits to stay well-informed about their progress.

To enhance the longevity of roads in remote areas, Commissioner Chatha suggested exploring innovative approaches. He highlighted the common issue of rapid road deterioration in such regions due to a lack of funds for maintenance.

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Other Projects

The public health department presented a water supply scheme and five drainage schemes during the meeting, emphasizing the importance of providing essential public services.

Various officials, including Director of Development Nazia Sudhan, Deputy Commissioner Waqar Hasan Cheema, and heads of other relevant government departments, were in attendance, underscoring the collaborative nature of these development initiatives.

The building department unveiled plans for the construction of a government associate college for girls in Jhata Hatial, Rawalpindi, a BS Block at Government Post Graduate College for Boys in Talagang, and the construction of three classrooms, one exam hall, an administrative block, and a boundary wall at Chaudhry Altaf Hussain High School in Jhelum.

Furthermore, the Highways Circle One presented schemes aimed at the rehabilitation and improvement of a 3 km long road from Neela Road to Dhaka village in Chakwal district, and the repair and construction of a 4 km long road from Natwala to Chiki Rangpur village in Kallar Kahar.

Final Thoughts

Commissioner Chatha emphasized the critical role of maintaining and constructing link roads to ensure pedestrian safety, prevent accidents, and maintain the smooth flow of traffic within the region. These schemes collectively represent a significant step towards the continued development and enhancement of Rawalpindi Division’s infrastructure and public services.