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19 New Police Posts to be Established in Rawalpindi Division

19 New Police Posts

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Punjab, Dr Usman Anwar, has approved the establishment of 19 new police posts in the Rawalpindi division, covering the districts of Rawalpindi, Attock, Jhelum, and Chakwal. Of these, 13 police posts will be strategically placed within the Rawalpindi district to address the surge in street crime attributed to population growth, as stated by a senior police official.

Establishment of the 19 New Police Posts 

19 New Police Posts

The new police posts have transitioned from their former temporary status to a legal standing following the issuance of a notification by the IGP. This move aligns with the Police Order of 2002, providing these posts with formal operational status.

The primary objective behind this initiative is to curb the escalating street crime that has become a concern for the Rawalpindi division. With the final approval from the IGP, these police posts will play a crucial role in enhancing law enforcement efforts.

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In accordance with the IGP’s orders, the in-charges of the new police posts will assume responsibilities for their respective jurisdictions. They will also collect relevant records from the respective police stations from which the new posts have been established.

Superintendents of police in the concerned divisions, such as Potohar, Rawal, and Saddar, will oversee the immediate implementation of the IGP’s directives, following an inauguration ceremony.

Location of the 19 New Police Posts 

The 19 operational police posts will be strategically located to maximize their impact. These include posts in police station areas like Ratta Amral, Chongi #4, Naseerabad, Gulzar-i-Quaid, Gulraiz, City, Hameedan police Chowki, Wah Cantt posts #3 and #4, Adiala, Chak Beli Khan, Sukho, Jatli post Daultala, Qazia Gujar Khan, Civil Lines Katcheri, Hazro post Hattian, Gondal, New Airport, and Malho Wali.

Additionally, posts will be established in Attock Khurd, Gondal Khurd, Bisal, Pind Sultani, and police station Anjara’s post Lakarmar. The police posts will cover the territorial jurisdiction of police station Civil Lines, including Old Kutchry, Jhanda Chichi, and the Judicial Complex.

This initiative is expected to strengthen law enforcement, improve response times, and contribute to a safer environment for residents in the Rawalpindi division.