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CDA Renames Islamabad’s 11th Avenue to Iran Avenue

11th Avenue to Iran Avenue

In a symbolic gesture reaffirming the deep-rooted ties between Pakistan and Iran, Islamabad’s iconic Eleventh Avenue has been officially renamed as “Iran Avenue.” The momentous decision, aimed at strengthening bilateral relations, was announced during the historic visit of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi to Pakistan.

11th Avenue to Iran Avenue

11th Avenue to Iran Avenue

The renaming ceremony, which marks a significant milestone in the enduring friendship between the two nations, underscores Pakistan’s commitment to fostering closer ties with its neighbor across various domains.

The Interior Ministry, following the approval, swiftly initiated the implementation process by dispatching a letter to the Capital Development Authority (CDA) officials. A spokesperson for the CDA confirmed that the directives to rename the avenue after Iran have been promptly set into motion, signifying the government’s resolve to honor this landmark decision.

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The decision to rename Eleventh Avenue as Iran Avenue was endorsed by the federal cabinet, acting upon the recommendations put forth in a summary circulated by the CDA. This consensus reflects the government’s unwavering dedication to commemorating the enduring bond shared between Pakistan and Iran.

The timing of this symbolic gesture, coinciding with President Raisi’s historic visit to Pakistan, adds an extra layer of significance to the occasion. President Raisi’s visit, characterized by diplomatic dialogue and mutual cooperation, serves as a testament to the strength and resilience of the Pakistan-Iran friendship.

The renaming of Eleventh Avenue as Iran Avenue stands as a poignant symbol of solidarity and camaraderie between the two nations, transcending geographical boundaries and echoing the sentiments of goodwill and cooperation.

As the renamed avenue takes its place among the landmarks of Islamabad, it serves as a lasting testament to the enduring friendship between Pakistan and Iran, fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding, and collaboration for generations to come.