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CDA Seeks Rs. 5 Billion in Budget for Completion of Long-Delayed 10th Avenue Project

10th Avenue Project

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has sought Rs. 5 billion in the 2024-2025 budget to expedite the completion of the 10th Avenue project, which has faced significant delays and remains unfinished.

10th Avenue Project

Launched in 2022 under the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) with an initial budget of Rs. 10.2 billion, the project received only Rs. 400 million in federal funding this fiscal year. To meet the remaining requirements, an additional Rs. 8.6 billion is needed. The CDA has therefore urged the federal government to allocate Rs. 5 billion in the upcoming fiscal year.

“As this is a federally funded project, we are seeking an allocation of Rs. 5 billion for the next fiscal year,” stated a CDA official.

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A retired CDA engineer voiced concerns about the piecemeal funding approach, recommending a full allocation to avoid further cost escalations. Originally set for completion in March, the project has progressed slowly, with only 25% of work done, and the deadline has been extended to December.

The National Logistic Cell (NLC), the project’s contractor, has requested a price adjustment formula due to the delay and rising costs. The slow progress is largely attributed to funding shortages and delays in relocating utility services.

Initiated by the PTI government, the project aims to build a 5km road from Katarian Bridge on I.J. Principal Road to Srinagar Highway, with a second phase planned to extend to Margalla Road. The construction will necessitate relocating 1,400 houses from Rimsha Colony, an informal settlement in H-9, which will be affected by the project.