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10 Interesting Facts about F-9 Park Islamabad

10 Interesting facts about F-9 Park Islamabad

F-9 Park Islamabad (Fatima Jinnah Park) is located in Capital Islamabad. It covers an area of 750 Acres. It was designed by Michael Japero and was inaugurated in 1992. Japan International Cooperation Agency prepared its master plan and in 2005 its master plan was revised by a Pakistani architect Nayyer Ali Dada. In recent times the repairing and reconstruction have been started and several sections of the park will be rebuilt and restored. In this article, we are going to tell you some interesting facts about F-9 Park Islamabad.

10 Interesting Facts about F-9 Park Islamabad

Location of F-9 Park

F-9 Park Islamabad is located in front of New Blue Area and 2 km away from F-10 Markaz which makes it more valuable and it provides a great view and fun opportunity to the visitors of New Blue Area shopping centers and Residents of apartment buildings located in the surroundings.

Location of F-9 Park

Design and Masterplan of F-9 Park Islamabad

F-9 Park Islamabad was designed by Micheal Japero and it took him 5 years to design it. After that, a Pakistani architect revised the master plan in 2005. The Japan International Cooperation Agency prepared its master plan. It took a long time to design because it has a lot of sections and is spread over 7907.37 Kanal land. There are water ponds, a kids’ play area, an outdoor exercise area, jogging tracks, cycling tracks, and a serene sitting area with benches, and the park is covered by greenery and plants.

Photography Point 

Photography Point 

F-9 Park’s landscape is considered an ideal place for photography and events. Many photographers do weddings, dramas, and film shoots. The ponds, water stream, play area, The Three Domes, Baradari, Foundation Stone, and Aiwan-e-Quaid provide outstanding backgrounds to the photos and videos.

Margalla Hills Stream and View

Margalla Hills Stream and View

The visitors of F-9 Park Islamabad enjoy the breathtaking view of Margalla Hills. A stream originating from the Margalla Hills to F-9 Park provides an aesthetic view to the visitors.

F-9 Park Name

F-9 Park Islamabad is named after Maadar-e-Millat Fatima Jinnah, the younger sister of the Founder(Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah) of Pakistan.

Gates of F-9 Park

F-9 Park Islamabad is a huge recreational park and has 5 gates.

  • Gate 1 is called Mehran Gate and is facing the G-9 sector
  • Gate 2 is called Bolan Gate and is facing the F-10 sector
  • Gate 3 is called Khyber Gate and faces E-9
  • Gate 4 is Ravi Gate and is facing F-8
  • Gate 5 leads to the Citizen Club Mass Vaccination Center

There is a parking lot, mosque, and public toilet at each entrance.

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 Solar Energy System

The energy system of the park was converted to a solar energy system in 2017. It has 3400 solar panels costing $4.8 million. The system provides 850 KW power and has backup to provide energy to the street lights at night. 

Picnic Point and School Trips Location

Many parents and schools select F-9 Park Islamabad to take their kids to. They pick this location because it has many sections for every person’s preferences. The kids’ play area has multiple fun rides for kids of every age group. 

Calmest Place of Islamabad

F-9 Park is the most serene park in Islamabad. It is surrounded by a steel fence and has a huge area covered in greenery and plants. The park has benches installed in the shade of huge old trees. The visitors witness a breathtaking sunset view from F-9 Park.

Calmest Place of Islamabad

F-9 Park, A tourists Attraction Point

Many tourists claim that they used to visit F-9 Park daily or weekly. They consider it a wonderful amenity in Islamabad. The landscape, ponds, streams, rocks, fountains, Baradari, and many other things make it the most attractive visiting point for foreigners.


F-9 Park also called Capital Park and Fatima Jinnah Park is an amazing recreational park in Islamabad. It is the center of attention of every visitor and tourist because of its beauty, fun facilities, and diversified sections. It has sections for people of every age group like jogging tracks for elders and youngsters, kids play areas, exercise areas, and Landscapes for photography.

Published by: Hammad Shah 

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