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091 Mall Peshawar | NOC | Location | Master Plan | Payment Plan

091 Mall Peshawar

091 Mall Peshawar is an upcoming PDA-approved 8-story fastest-growing commercial project in the heart of Peshawar. Sprawling across 2.5 kanals, 091 Mall isn’t just a commercial project; it’s a fusion of entertainment and convenience for the city’s residents. 

Located at a mere distance of 4 minutes from Liberty Mall and 9 minutes from Peshawar Cantonment, 091 Mall Peshawar enjoys a central and easily accessible location.

The first of its kind, 091 Mall boasts an array of lavish amenities that set it apart. From expansive office spaces to basement parking designed for everyone’s ease, from a dedicated gym to a well-stocked grocery store with essentials, the mall encapsulates a future of elevated living.

With its modern charm and strategic location, 091 Mall redefines commercial spaces in Peshawar. It redefines the landscape of commercial ventures in Peshawar and promises a truly exceptional experience for all who step through its doors.

091 Mall Peshawar Construction Update 

091 Mall Peshawar is expected to be complete by 2024. The project is well underway, with significant milestones already achieved. The triple basement parking stands complete, providing ample space for visitors’ convenience.

Additionally, the lower ground slab has been successfully laid, marking another step forward. Presently, progress continues as work advances on the ground floor slab. With each milestone reached, 091 Mall takes shape, inching closer to its vision of becoming a contemporary hub that caters to the needs of residents and businesses alike.

091 Mall Peshawar Owners and Developers

At the forefront of innovation, 091 Mall stands as a creation of AH Group, a pioneer in redefining the real estate landscape. 

AH Group is not just a name; it’s a symbol of transformation in Pakistan’s real estate sector. With registered offices in Islamabad, Peshawar, Hangu, and Kohat, the group is a dynamic force that brings a much-needed overhaul to an industry steeped in tradition. Comprising a team of experts, AH Group thrives on building, designing, and maintaining projects across the nation.

AHGroups’ most prominent projects include

091 Mall Peshawar Owners’ History

The story of AH Group is one of emergence, innovation, and a resolute commitment to transforming Pakistan’s real estate horizon. They are a dynamic ensemble of diverse businesses spanning real estate development, architectural innovation, construction services, strategic brand building, investment planning, sales and marketing, and cutting-edge digital solutions.

At the core of AH Group‘s journey are visionary leaders with a shared mission: to redefine the real estate landscape through a fusion of modern technology, dedicated teamwork, and unparalleled creativity. Guided by this vision, AH Group is determined to craft nothing short of the best real estate experiences in Pakistan.

Embracing innovation as its guiding principle, AH Group stands as the vanguard of the smartest real estate ventures. As a driving force in Pakistan’s real estate development, they are dedicated to playing a pivotal role in shaping the future. 

Their ultimate goal is to become Pakistan’s foremost value-based organization, pioneering a revolution in the sector. With unwavering investor confidence and satisfaction, coupled with a commitment to country-wide projects, AH Group aspires to reshape the real estate narrative, ushering in a new era of excellence, innovation, and lasting impact.

091 Mall Peshawar NOC Approval

The journey of 091 Mall reaches a significant milestone as it proudly receives coveted approval from the Peshawar Development Authority. This endorsement underscores the commitment to excellence and adherence to the highest standards in every aspect of the project.

With PDA’s seal of approval, 091 Mall emerges as a project of distinction, poised to become a landmark in Peshawar’s landscape. This approval is not just a formality; it signifies a journey of meticulous planning, innovation, and dedication to realizing a vision that promises to reshape the city’s commercial scene.

As the project progresses toward completion, the NOC approval stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts and unwavering commitment of all involved. With this approval in hand, 091 Mall is set to unfold a new chapter of sophistication, convenience, and elevated living in Peshawar.

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091 Mall Peshawar Location

091 Mall is located on Main University Rd, Tehkal, Peshawar, KPK. Its prime location places it at the crossroads of connectivity and urban vibrancy.

Situated near BRT stations, 091 Mall effortlessly connects with the city’s efficient transport network, making it easily accessible to residents and visitors alike. 

Whether you’re seeking shopping, dining, or entertainment, the mall’s strategic location ensures that everything you desire is within arm’s reach.

As the bustling Main University Road comes alive with activity, 091 Mall emerges as a dynamic hub that embodies the spirit of modern living. With its central location and seamless connectivity, the mall beckons you to explore and experience a new dimension of convenience and lifestyle in Peshawar.

091 Mall Peshawar Accessibility

  • A 5-minute drive from Liberty Mall.
  • A 9-minute drive from Peshawar Cantt.
  • An 11-minute drive from the University of Peshawar.
  • An 11-minute drive from Peshawar Zoo.
  • A 12-minute drive from Bacha Khan International Airport.
  • A 12-minute drive from KTH Teaching Hospital.
  • A 13-minute drive from Serena Hotel.

091 Mall Peshawar Nearby Housing Societies

  • Peshawar Cantt
  • University Town
  • Shaheen Town
  • Academy Town

091 Mall Peshawar Nearby Areas

  • Abdarra
  • Tehkal
  • Hayatabad
  • Rahatabad
  • Qadirabad

091 Mall Peshawar Master Plan

Spread across three basement floors, the mall sets the stage with ample parking space for residents and visitors, ensuring convenience from the outset.

The main structure unfolds over multiple levels, creating a diverse and dynamic platform for a myriad of businesses and commercial ventures. 

Starting from the ground floor, the journey through 091 Mall leads to eight additional floors, each with its own unique offerings:

  • Ground Floor: The first step into the mall introduces you to a realm of possibilities, setting the tone for what lies ahead.
  • First Floor – Fashion Floor: Elevate your style with an array of fashion boutiques, offering an enticing collection of clothing and accessories.
  • Second Floor – Mix Commercial: Dive into a mix of commercial ventures, where a variety of businesses come together to create a bustling marketplace.
  • Third Floor – Gold Souk: Discover a treasure trove of elegance and luxury as you explore the Gold Souk, where timeless ornaments await.
  • Fourth Floor – Playland, Gym & Spa: Find rejuvenation and excitement in equal measure with a playland for the young ones, a state-of-the-art gym for fitness enthusiasts, and a serene spa for relaxation.
  • Fifth Floor – Food Court: Savor a culinary journey with a diverse array of dining options at the food court, a haven for food lovers.
  • Sixth-Eighth Floors – Offices: Enter a world of productivity and innovation as you ascend to the office floors, providing a professional space for businesses to thrive.

This master plan isn’t just a blueprint; it’s a symphony of possibilities, a canvas for dreams, and a nexus where commerce and community intertwine. At 091 Mall, every floor tells a story, every corner invites exploration, and every visit promises an experience beyond compare.

091 Mall Peshawar Payment Plan 

091 Mall offers a thoughtfully designed payment plan that puts your convenience first. The developers understand the importance of flexibility, which is why they present a 2-year installment plan that allows you to make payments at your own pace, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey toward ownership.

Embarking on this journey requires a minimum down payment of 25%, securing your coveted space within this esteemed development. This initial step lays the foundation for your future investment.

091 Mall introduces an enticing 100% Buy Back Policy, offering investors a sense of security and flexibility. Unlock the doors to ownership and embrace a future of possibilities with 091 Mall Peshawar.

FloorFloor TypePrice/Square Feet
1stFashion 85,600
2ndMix Commercial 80,250
3rdGold Souk 69,550
4thSpa and Cosmetics 58,850
5thFood Court74,900

091 Mall Peshawar Facilities and Amenities 

091 Mall offers luxurious amenities designed to enhance your shopping experience. 

Power Backup

Experience uninterrupted services even during power outages, as the advanced power backup system kicks in to ensure a seamless and comfortable environment for visitors, tenants, and businesses.

Online Rent Pay

Simplify your financial transactions by utilizing the online rent payment system. This modern feature allows tenants to conveniently manage their rent payments, offering a hassle-free and efficient way to handle financial matters.


Within the premises, you’ll find a serene and dedicated mosque. This provides a peaceful space for prayer and reflection, catering to the spiritual needs of visitors and creating a sense of community within the mall.

Disability Ramps

The inclusion of disability ramps underscores our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. These ramps make it easier for individuals with mobility challenges to navigate the mall comfortably and independently.

HVAC System

The HVAC system goes beyond regulating temperature; it maintains optimal air quality throughout the mall. This modern system ensures a pleasant atmosphere, promoting a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Spa & Saloon

Indulge in a world of relaxation and beauty within the mall. The spa and salon offer a range of treatments and services, providing an oasis for visitors to unwind and rejuvenate.

Kids Play Area

Designed with young visitors in mind, the kids’ play area is a vibrant space where children can engage in play and entertainment. It’s a secure and enjoyable zone that allows parents to shop and explore with ease.


The well-equipped gym and health club cater to fitness enthusiasts and wellness seekers. It’s a dedicated space to prioritize your health and well-being, from state-of-the-art exercise equipment to health programs.

Food Court

The food court isn’t just a place to eat; it’s a culinary journey. It offers a diverse selection of eateries, ranging from local flavors to international cuisines, satisfying every palate and craving.


The array of restaurants caters to various tastes and preferences. From casual dining to fine cuisine, these dining establishments add to the vibrant atmosphere of the mall.

3-Basement Car Parking

Finding a secure parking spot is convenient with a multi-level basement parking facility. This ample space eliminates parking woes and offers a stress-free experience for visitors and shoppers.

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091 Mall Peshawar Salient Features

  • 24-hour Electricity
  • Commercial Shops
  • Reputable Developers
  • Water Resources
  • World-Class Infrastructure
  • Water, Electricity, and Gas Availability
  • Basement Parking
  • High-speed lifts
  • Waste Disposal System

Reasons to Invest in 091 Mall Peshawar

Investing in 091 Mall Peshawar offers a range of compelling reasons that make it a promising and attractive opportunity:

  • Strategic Location: Situated on Main University Road in Tehkal, Peshawar, the mall enjoys a prime and easily accessible location, ensuring a steady flow of foot traffic and potential customers.
  • Diverse Business Opportunities: The multi-level structure of the mall accommodates a variety of businesses, from retail outlets to offices, creating a vibrant and bustling commercial hub.
  • Flexible Payment Plans: With a two-year installment plan and a reasonable down payment, 091 Mall makes it convenient for investors to secure their space and manage their investments over time.
  • Strong Developer Presence: Developed by AH Group, a diversified company with a track record of successful projects, 091 Mall benefits from a reliable and experienced developer.
  • Buy Back Policy: The enticing 100% Buy Back Policy provides investors with a sense of security and flexibility, offering an additional layer of confidence in their investment.
  • Growth Potential: With Peshawar’s evolving commercial landscape and the unique offerings of 091 Mall, there is potential for high returns on investment as the project gains popularity and foot traffic.

Investing in 091 Mall Peshawar is not only a financial opportunity but also a chance to be part of a transformative venture that redefines the city’s commercial dynamics.

With its strategic location, diverse offerings, and commitment to excellence, the mall presents a platform for investors to capitalize on emerging trends and contribute to the growth of Peshawar’s business landscape.

091 Mall Peshawar Booking Process

Securing your spot at 091 Mall Peshawar is a hassle-free process. Just follow these easy steps at the booking office:

  1. Visit the Office: Begin the booking process by paying a visit to the dedicated booking office. 
  2. Gather Your Documents: To proceed with the booking, you’ll need 2 Passport-Size Pictures, 2 Copies of Your CNIC, 2 Copies of your Next of Kin’s I.D., and NICOP for Overseas Clients.

These straightforward steps and necessary documents will set you on the path to initiating the booking process for your chosen property at 091 Mall Peshawar.


091 Mall Peshawar emerges as a beacon of modernity, convenience, and innovation in the heart of Tehkal, Peshawar. 

As the project progresses and its vision comes to life, 091 Mall is poised to become more than just a commercial space – it will be a hub of activity, a destination for leisure, and a symbol of modern living. Whether you’re an investor seeking a rewarding opportunity or a resident looking forward to a new era of convenience and entertainment, 091 Mall Peshawar welcomes you to embark on this exciting journey. 


What is 091 Mall Peshawar?

091 Mall Peshawar is a modern commercial project located on Main University Road in Tehkal, Peshawar. It offers a unique blend of entertainment, convenience, and luxurious amenities, making it a dynamic hub for businesses and visitors.

What are the key features of 091 Mall?

The mall boasts a strategic location, diverse business opportunities, modern amenities such as a spa, gym, food court, and high-speed fiber internet, and a unique 100% Buy Back Policy for investors.

How can I book a space at 091 Mall?

Booking your space is simple. Visit the booking office and bring two passport-size pictures, two copies of your CNIC, two copies of your next of kin’s ID, and NICOP if you’re an overseas client.

What payment options are available for investors?

091 Mall offers a flexible two-year installment plan. A minimum down payment of 25% secures your space, and the 100% Buy Back Policy provides investors with added security and flexibility.

How is the accessibility of 091 Mall ensured?

The mall is conveniently located near BRT stations and features disability ramps and escalators to enhance accessibility for all visitors.

When is the expected completion date of 091 Mall?

The completion date for 091 Mall is set for 2024, ensuring a swift realization of the project and enabling residents and businesses to benefit from its modern amenities and services.

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