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Construction Cost Of Grey Structure Of 05 Marla House In Pakistan

05 Marla House In Pakistan

Building your own home is an exciting venture, and understanding the construction costs involved is crucial for a successful project. A 05 Marla house in Pakistan is a popular choice for many individuals and potential investors alike. The affordability, rapid construction and minimal construction costs make 05 Marla the best option in economies like Pakistan. But, it is equally important to understand the various construction costs associated with building a grey structure of a 05 Marla house in Pakistan.

This article will provide a direct overview of the construction costs associated with the grey structure of a 05 Marla house in Pakistan. By the end, you will get an idea about different construction materials, their cost, and the important steps you need to undertake to create a 05 Marla house successfully.

Let’s cover the basics first.

What is a Grey Structure?

Before diving into the costs, let’s define a grey structure. In construction terms, the grey structure refers to the skeletal framework of the house. It includes the foundation, columns, beams, roof, and basic infrastructure, excluding finishes like plaster, paint, tiles, and fixtures. The grey structure is the essential framework that provides the structural integrity of the house.

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Construction Cost Of Grey Structure Of 05 Marla House In Pakistan

05 Marla House In Pakistan

Here’s the overall cost of constructing a grey structure of a 05 Marla House in Pakistan

Labor costRs. 9.74 Lakh
Bricks, sand and gravel costRs. 1965153
Cement, clay and steel costRs. 1603108
Plumbing and wiring costRs. 822000
Miscellaneous costRs. 61298
Total costRs. 52.72 Lakh

Let’s break down the process of calculating the construction cost for the grey structure of a 05 Marla house in Pakistan in 2023.

Understanding Construction Costs

When calculating the construction cost, we must consider two main categories: grey construction cost (the basic structure) and turnkey construction cost (the overall cost including finishes and details).

For now, let’s focus on the grey structure, which includes all the essential components that appear grey after construction – like the foundation, walls, and basic infrastructure.

In this case, we are building a double-story 05 Marla house with specific dimensions:

  • Ground Floor: 910 sq. ft.
  • First Floor: 890 sq. ft.
  • Second Floor: 175 sq. ft.

The house includes two kitchens, three bedrooms with attached bathrooms, and a mumtee (a small utility space).

To estimate the construction cost, we need to know the latest rates for construction materials and labor in 2023. These rates can vary based on location and market conditions.

Construction Cost Breakdown

AspectOverall Cost
Total CostRs. 52.72 Lakh
Grey Structure Material CostRs. 42.98 Lakh
Labor CostRs. 9.74 Lakh
Price per Square FootRs. 2604

To give you an overview, the total cost for building a grey structure of a 05 Marla house in Pakistan is Rs. 52.72 Lakh. The grey structure material cost is Rs. 42.98 lakh, the labor cost is Rs. 9.74 lakh, and the price per square foot is Rs. 2604.

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Labor Costs

To ascertain the construction cost of the grey structure for a 05 Marla house in Pakistan, the primary consideration is the expenditure on labor. For a double-unit 5 Marla house, the estimated labor cost is approximately Rs. 974,000, covering essential tasks such as foundation laying, structural work, plumbing, and electrical installations. This amount accounts for the skilled workforce required to build the foundational elements and infrastructure, forming the fundamental framework of the house. 

Labor Cost = Rs. 9.74 Lakh

Structure Materials

This includes the cost of bricks, cement, steel, and other materials used to construct walls, columns, and beams.

Material Unit Cost 
Bricks 56,000Rs. 1462812
Sand 3052 cubic feetRs. 251075
Gravel 1721 cubic feetRs. 251266
Clay Rs. 85008
Cement 605 bagsRs. 738100
Steel 3 tonRs. 780000

For a 05 Marla house, employing approximately 56,000 first-class bricks (Awwal bricks) is recommended, with a total cost of Rs. 1,462,812 at current market rates. The foundation necessitates Ravi sand and Chenab sand, with about 3,052 cubic feet of sand utilized at a rate of Rs. 83 per cubic foot, totaling Rs. 251,075. 

Gravel, commonly known as Bajri, is employed as a foundation layer, with Margalla gravel or Sargodha gravel being popular choices. The required 1,721 cubic feet of gravel at a rate of Rs. 146 per cubic feet amounts to approximately Rs. 251,266. 

Cost for Bricks, Sand, and Gravel = Rs. 1965153

In the construction of a 05 Marla house in Pakistan, the inclusion of Kassu, a specialized blend of mitti (clay) and sand primarily used for earth or plot filling, is a crucial component. A rough estimate places the cost of Kassu at Rs. 85,008. Cement, being a fundamental necessity in construction, sees a consistent rate per bag across various brands, with a marginal difference.

For our discussed house, an approximate requirement of 605 cement bags at a rate of Rs. 1,220 per bag results in a total cost of Rs. 738,100. Additionally, constructing a 5 Marla house involves the utilization of around 3 tonnes (3,000 kg) of Rebar or 60-grade Sarya. The cost per tonne of Sarya is Rs. 260,000, culminating in a total expenditure of Rs. 780,000 for the Sarya used in the grey structure. 

These material costs are integral to constructing the grey structure, forming the essential foundation and framework of the 05 Marla house in 2023. It is advisable to consider local market conditions and consult with professionals for accurate estimations tailored to specific project needs.

Cost of Cement, Clay and Steel= Rs. 1603108

Plumbing and Electrical Work

Basic plumbing and electrical work, including piping and wiring, are part of the grey structure cost. Plumbing work in grey construction, covering water supply, sewerage, gas, and drainage systems, requires approximately Rs. 674000. Electrical wiring, a crucial component, demands expertise, and about Rs. 148000 is needed. Hiring professionals for both tasks is advised for safety and efficiency in the construction of a 05 Marla house.

Cost of Plumbing and Wiring = Rs. 822000

Miscellaneous Costs

Other expenses, such as labor, scaffolding, and unforeseen expenses, should be factored into the budget.

Additionally, termite proofing is essential to control infestation, costing approximately Rs. 8500. Waterproofing the roof for a 5 Marla house comes to Rs. 16444 while roof insulation costs around Rs. 36354. Addressing these aspects contributes to the longevity and durability of the construction.

Miscellaneous Cost = Rs. 61298

Total Estimated Cost

Considering the ranges provided, the total estimated cost for the grey structure of a 05 Marla house in Pakistan would be approximately Rs. 52.72 Lakh.

Total Estimated Cost = Rs. 52.72 Lakh

The Bottom Line

Understanding the construction cost of the grey structure of a 05 Marla house in Pakistan is essential for effective budgeting. Keep in mind that these are approximate costs, and actual expenses may vary based on location, market conditions, and specific project requirements. Always consult with experienced professionals and contractors to get accurate estimates for your unique project.

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What is the cost of GREY structure of 5 Marla 2023?

The estimated cost of the grey structure for a 5 Marla house in 2023 is Rs. 52.72 Lakh, considering various construction components and local market rates.

How much will it cost to build a gray structure in Pakistan?

It costs around Rs. 52.72 Lakh to build a grey structure of a 05 Marla house in Pakistan.

What is included in GREY structure?

The grey structure typically includes the foundation, walls, roof structure, basic infrastructure (plumbing and electrical work), and other structural elements.

What is the size of a 5 Marla house?

The size of a 05 Marla house is 25×45 square feet. Generally, the enclosed area spans 2000 square feet for a two-story structure.

How do you calculate GREY structure cost?

The price of the grey structure is determined by adding the cost of the basic framework, such as pillars, walls, beams, cement, and steel structure.

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